10 Funny Things That Happen In Lagos Weddings

Except in a few cases when the church is strict about time, Nigerian brides love to come to their weddings late. She usually shows up with the excuse that her make up artiste was slow or she was stuck in traffic.

After the wedding service, the couple takes forever to show up at their own reception while families and friends wait at the reception and are consoled with the MC’s joke.

2. Guests Only Show Up For The Reception

Lagos wedding guests rarely show up for the church service, the reception is always where the turn up is.

3. Every Guest Claims To Be Related To The bride, Groom Or Both



It is absurd to attend a Nigerian wedding without knowing the couple or at least one person in the hall. So unrelated wedding guests take to claiming relationship so as not to look out of place.

4. Money Spraying Galore


Money spraying is one essential part of every Lagos wedding. During the couple dance, almost everyone in the hall is expected to shower the couple with minty notes. Even the groom is expected to come with enough money to lavish on his wife.

In most weddings, traditional & white, the bride’s veil would not be removed until someone pays a certain amount of money. Also, money has to be given before the bride can sit down and subsequent monies too as the occasion proceeds.

5. The Wedding Cake never Leaves It’s Position



Don’t be surprised to see a seven tier wedding cake still completely intact after the wedding. The cake designer makes tiny cakes that is distributed during the reception while the real wedding cake is reserved for the couple and their family members.

6. Food Is Never Enough


Plate after plate of food but food is never enough. No matter what you cook and how you cook it, some guests would still complain that there wasn’t enough to go round.

7. People Take Food Home

A Nigerian wedding is only seen as a success when all guests have had enough to eat and have excess to take home to their family and loved ones. There’s even a popular Yoruba song that says “a o je aje yo, a o tu di lole,”  which means “we would eat to our satisfaction and still have more to take home.”

8. Souvenirs Are Selectively Distributed

More often than not, you will see a group of women and sometimes even men coming back from an occasion carrying all sorts of gifts. From buckets, rechargeable lamps, to hand-fans depending on the financial strength of the couple.

Just like the distribution of food, souvenirs are given first to people who give the couple gifts, then it is extended to the bridal train, and people wearing Ashoebi. Aside that, If you do not fall in any recognized group you may be ignore and might just end up going home with only the reception programme.

9. Paparrazzi


If they aren’t takinging pictures of your asoebi style, they are taking pictures of your make up, or recording the bride and groom….


10. Guests Hardly Stay Till The Closing Prayer

Guests start leaving after food and souvenirs have been served. By the time the closing prayer is said, the hall is almost empty. Only close friends and family and also the caterer and event planners will be available to share “the grace” with the newly wedded couple.

Source: scoop.ng
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