10 Must-See Lagos Attractions

Ekoconnect.net 10 Must-See Lagos Attractions

Most people living in Nigeria think there is something they are missing if they have not visited Lagos and in this article we are going to show reasons why Lagos is the veritable Mecca that it is with some of Lagos attractions.

The ex-capital of Nigeria, Lagos is always bustling with activities with its posh hotels, restaurants and places to explore. The city has become the face of tourism, where foreigners can immerse themselves in deep cultures, surroundings and histories. From spiritual shrines, beaches, parks and many more Lagos attractions, the tourist life in the city will give you a run for your money and more because of the endless adventure it affords.

If you ever find yourself in Lagos as a resident or a tourist and want to try out some interesting things, below are 10 Lagos attractions to visit:

1.Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki conservation centreManaged by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation, the Lekki Conservation Centre has a large area of wetlands and wildlife animals like crocodiles, monkeys, exotic birds, and other animals that you can see when you visit early in the morning or late in the evening. There is also a library and a conservation centre.

In the absence of a zoo in Lagos, this is the next best thing. Also, visitors will come to appreciate nature from close range and may wish to contribute to the upkeep of the centre and its many inhabitants.


 2. Badagry
Badagry tourist attractioBadagry houses the first storey building or ‘upstairs building’ in Nigeria – built by missionaries in 1842 and overlooking the Marina waterfront.

Badagry is located off the Gulf of Guinea and was used as a harbour to keep African slaves transported to Brazil in the 15th century.

It was annexed by the British in 1863 and became a part of Nigeria in 1901, it remains the focal point of slavery in West Africa and has a museum that tells the sad slavery story.


Badagry may however be rivaled by the slave quarters in Ghana which has been developed into a popular tourist attraction.

3. Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens

jhalobia recreational park

The Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens is located between the Hajj Camp and Ajao Estate along the Muritala Mohammed International Airport Road, Lagos.

Visit this place for a tranquil garden experience in a park you wouldn’t believe existed in Lagos.

Lagos originally was designed with many parks of this sort around the metropolis but successive governments have converted the spaces into commercial landed property.

This makes Jhalobia an even more welcome development for the residents and visitors in Lagos.



These are but the first three of several identified attractions in our beloved city; the others would be published in a later posts.

Please share your ideas and suggest places you think are interesting enough to be tourist worthy and see if your suggestions made it into the list.

The article continues tomorrow.


Source: Nigeria Bulletin


Sola Oyero

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