Lagos to go after Landlords with Poor Septic Tanks

The Lagos State government has vowed to clamp down on owners of buildings with poor or substandard septic tanks.

Commissioner for the Environment Babatunde Adejare gave this warning yesterday at the stakeholder’s forum for Sensitisation and Public Awareness on Environmental and Health Implications at the Agege Mini Stadium.

The commissioner reiterated that the government would no longer permit any landlord providing a toilet for  60 tenants.

According to him, the management of 2.1billion litres of waste water generated by over 20 million Lagosians daily, with the attendant health and environmental implication is a task that necessitates the ongoing efforts.

He said: “The law prescribes punishment for them. Now, KAI environmental officers will be doing part of it.

“This is part of what they will be doing. We will come to enforce the law. A lot of things are abnormal in our environment; we won’t allow people to dispose refuse in the drainage.

“Imagine a landlord of 25 rooms having a single toilet. He makes money from the building but cannot get toilet for the tenants.

“How much do people build a toilet? Since government doesn’t collect any money from landlords, they should use it to build toilets for their tenants.

“The idea of tenants queuing before they can use the toilet will no longer be tolerated.

“Just imagine a 25-room apartment and over 10 people live in each of the rooms. How can they cope with one toilet?”

Adejare described the theme of the forum entitled: “Waste water Management-Perfecting the Natural Practice” as apt.

He added that people should desist from digging their borehole and well water close to the septic tank.

The ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Adeshina Onisarutu, warned against discharging waste into  drains.

“Many people erroneously think that once their waste is disposed into the drains that is all. It is not so at all. We must take care of our environment at all times. Whatever we disposed wrongly will always come back to us.”




Source: The Nation Nigeria

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