Panasonic Opens Manufacturing Base in Lagos

Plans have been concluded by Panasonic, a renowned electronics and home appliances marketing/distribution company to establish a local Panasonic manufacturing base with local sales offices for room Air-conditioning and TV division in Lagos.

Looking at a wider customer base and a stronger hold in the Nigerian market, Panasonic is partnering SIMS Nigeria to help distribute products in the country.

The partnership is expected to position Panasonic once again as a dominant player in the country’s electronic products market category that has become very competitive.

With main focus on Japanese Quality Systems Establishment, both brands have come up with an initiative that will boast the Panasonic mission to increase the focus on Africa market with localisation and customer satisfaction as the key agenda.

Showing satisfaction with the partnership, Mr. Fab Uzor, General Manager SIMS Nigeria said, “We are excited partnering Panasonic. Many years of operating in the Nigerian market has given us an edge in understanding the mind of the Nigerian consumer. The Nigerian market is very competitive because of the number of brands that play here. As a business, you need special skills in understanding your customers to make a head way. We have successfully done this over the years which gave us prominence in the competitive electronics market. We chose to partner with Panasonic because the brand stands for quality and we are representing the number one electronic company. “

“Our spread will also avail our consumers the opportunity of purchasing quality Panasonic brands that are backed with warranty and superb ‘after sales services’ at our numerous state-of-the-art showrooms and stores. We also offer home delivery services.”

Mr. Shinichi Wakita, Managing Director, Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa (PMMAF) commenting on the development said: “Panasonic has always delighted itself in working for the Nigerian market. We are a customer-loving brand and this market motivates us to keep going with our business philosophy hence the concept of producing ‘locally-fit’ products comes through us effortlessly. We are glad to be associating with SIMS, as it has carved a niche for itself in a highly dynamic and competitive electronics/home appliance marketing environment.”

“Our locally based AC and TV manufacturing unit reflects Panasonic’s Basic Business Philosophy of contribution to the society as it will provide various opportunities for Nigerian workforce to understand the Japanese Craft and Craftsmanship through our expert training programmes. This joint venture will open new horizons for the market in terms of job creations and knowledge elevation,” he added.

“Our new partner, SIMS will help us develop indigenously because it has the nationwide network service. We and SIMS can work together to deliver our goods nationwide. SIMS has a very good network sales and service and at the same time, the Managing Director has a good philosophy to manage the company and we can agree on the philosophy to contribute to the economy of Nigeria. It is very certain that Nigeria will benefit in terms of local manufacturing which we are currently working on. Panasonic is going to bring the technology knowledge transfer to Nigerians and quality products which are going to be made available.”

Speaking on how the partnership can put Panasonic ahead of its competitors, Wakita said: “Actually, Korea and Chinese already came into market to assemble for manufacturing.

Together with SIMS, we are trying to catch up and I’m very sure we can catch up with Chinese and Korea.”


Source: The Nation Nigeria

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