Diesel-laden Tanker Falls in Lagos

A huge crowd yesterday descended on a tanker to scoop diesel after it fell at Toyota Bus stop on Oshodi-Apapa Expressway.

The tanker, it was gathered, was trying to climb the bridge leading to Airport Road when it fell.

An eyewitness, Chinedu Okezie, said the tanker fell while trying to reverse on  realising that it took the wrong route.

He said: “I was still negotiating with a customer when I saw the driver running. I don’t know how many people were there but they left the tanker. Immediately, people alerted the state fire service”.

When The Nation got to the scene, the tanker had been moved to one side of the road to avoid traffic gridlock. Some people were seen transferring the diesel into another tanker.

But, this didn’t stop people including nearby traders from scooping diesel. Some women stood with bowls to get their own share while others entered gutters to scoop the diesel.

An onlooker, Chigozie, said immediately the Lagos State Emergency Management Authority (LASTMA) successfully took the tanker off the road, traders resumed to the scene.

He said: “Traders at the market rushed to the tanker with jerry cans, funnel and pet bottles. Some went as far as taking drums and hose to take diesel. The amazing thing was that none of the officials disturbed them. I feel it was business for them. I know if it happened in the afternoon, it would have turned bloody. It is unfortunate. I was glad to see some of the officials transfer the diesel if not the traders would have gotten more than enough.”

Another trader said she was glad the incident happened over night, adding that if it happened during the day, it could have triggered fire as the market is always rowdy.


Source: The Nation Nigeria

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