Woman Slumps as Fire Guts Bungalow, Church

FIRE yesterday razed a parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) and a bungalow on Murtala Muhammed Way on Oyingbo, Lagos Mainland.

The fire was said to have been caused by electrical surge.

Sources said most of the bungalow occupants had gone to work when the incident happened, adding that when they returned, they could not salvage anything from the building.

A woman fainted on the scene, but she was revived.

A resident in the neighbourhood, Matilda, said light had been fluctuating since noon, adding that when it was taken around 3pm, she heard a loud sound.

She said: “When I heard the sound, I rushed out from my room. I was shocked to see fire come out from one of the rooms. As I went back to take my phone, the fire had spread to other rooms. People successfully took the vehicle that was in the compound out, but before we knew it, the fire torched one of the church’s split air conditioners and it exploded. The fire became unbearable. Thank God for the intervention of the fire fighters. It is so unfortunate my neighbours couldn’t salvage anything.”

An occupant of the building, Osemudiame, said he was sleeping when he heard shouts of “fire”, adding: “I ran out of the house without anything. I see no difference between me that was around and those who weren’t around. I had just renovated my room. This incident is better imagined than experienced. It is so unfortunate. I may have to squat with a family who lives on the outskirts of Lagos.”

A sympathiser, Musliudeen Imam, said his sister’s husband was to travel next week for business, but can no longer do so because of the fire.

He said: “It is the devil’s handiwork. My sister’s husband has paid for the return flight. I learnt he had already taken the passport this morning (Wednesday) but he returned it. If only he knew this was going to happen. He has been looking for it in the debris but he hasn’t seen it.”

Desmond Areku, an engineer, said he lost his certificates to the fire.

“I was at work when my neighbours called me on phone. The first thing I thought of was my certificates. I couldn’t save anything. I pity my neighbours who just spent a lot renovating their rooms and another who lost her husband recently. Where would we go from here? For how long will we squat with people?” he said.

A member of the church, who gave his name as Adebayo James, said everything in the church went with the fire.

“The church 18 spilt air conditioners and other appliances went with the fire. I am grateful nobody was there.”

The Yaba fire station and Federal fire service responded to the fire.


Source: The Nation Nigeria



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