19 Tips To Help You Communicate Effectively

Have you ever had that feeling of a creative breakthrough? You’re immediately charged with the energy of a new business idea. Your skin literally itches, you want to communicate this to someone.

So, you are about to birth this business genius to the world, and then……crickets. Ouch. It’s not even anything they say. They nod, they’re polite. But the lack of enthusiasm shows in their face. It’s almost as cold as a rejection.

Frustrating isn’t it? But what if there were ways to communicate ideas from your mind to theirs, without any thoughts getting lost on the journey? Well, it’s simply a matter of improving your communication skills.

Here are 19 tips that will help you to communicate effectively.

1. Follow the 3 second rule

When someone stops talking and you’re worried about interrupting them, count to three before you jump in. Some people talk with extra-long pauses and it’s hard to build rapport, in this case the 3 second rule will stop you from coming across as rude or abrupt.  

2. Speak 30% slower

Quick and erratic movements and speech communicate uncertainty, nervousness, and a general inability to manage your energy.

3. Nod your head

Don’t just sit there stiff and staring blankly while the other person is talking. Nodding your head is a simple way to show that you’re still listening.

4. Mirror and lead

When talking to someone with lower or higher energy than you, you want to match the tone, cadence, and tempo of their speech, then slowly lead them in the direction you want them to go.

5. Speak in human terms

Whenever trying to get an idea across, talk about it in terms of the benefits for the other person. For instance, if you are telling them your idea for a book or product, explain how it could help someone like them before you talk about what you consider are interesting features.

6. Eliminate your ticks

Everyone has small ticks in interpersonal conversations, whether it’s rubbing your hands together or scratching your nose. Do not touch your face. Watching yourself on camera is a great way to identify and eliminate them.

7. Never text and talk

If you need to text mid-conversation, say, “Excuse me I just need to message X for X reason.” When you’ve sent the message, put the phone away.

 8. Break eye contact to the side

Looking down is another way you might be conveying discomfort, it can also suggest the end of a conversation.

9.Show appreciation

Take every opportunity to tell someone that you appreciate them, whether it’s their work, their ideas, their influence on you—people will always enjoy it and even start returning the courtesy.

  1. Point your body and feet towards the person you’re talking to

 11. Sit up straight

 12. Put your phone on silentAssume the best of people

 13. Stop thinking about your next brilliant sentence

14. Listen and Repeat

15. Memorize an use quotes

 16. Relax your neck and shoulders

18. Emphasize with gestures

19. Assume the best of people

Communication is such a basic a skillset, that most of us don’t learn it unless we take a course on it. Follow these simple steps and you’ll start to see a big difference in the way you communicate with people and how receptive they are to your ideas.

Source: addicted2success.com/

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