2015 Lagos Creative Industry Fair

IN its bid at repositioning the Creative Industry in the Nigerian Economy, the Lagos Chamber of Commerce,LCCI in partnership with the CORA Arts & Cultural Foundation (aka Committee for Relevant Art, CORA— organisers of the yearly Lagos Books and Arts Festival, LABAF), is set to organize what it tagged “EKO AKETE: Lagos Creative Industry Fair, LCIF 2015.

The event which will bring the business community together with the creative industry, will hold from November 6-15 at Freedom Park, Lagos. Time is 9am Daily. The show will also act as adjunct to the Lagos International Trade Fair opening from November 6-15, TBS, Lagos.

The features include an opening session (Prologue): Creative industry roundtable: An all-encompassing forum on the current trend and the future of the Creative industry featuring presentations, conversations and discussions and showcases by/between/among/ leaders of the various sub-sectors in the creative industry – music, movie, comedy, theatre, fashion, media, showbusiness and others, especially the interconnectedness and inter-dependency among the various sub-sectors.


It will also feature a Celebrity showcase and high- value performances powered by NETLive (BlackHouse Media) The second is Sectoral Representation:  Literature: Exhibition, workshops, seminars will be held for: Publishers, Book Dealers, Book Sellers, Writers, Printers – digital and traditional etc ii. VISUAL: Exhibitions, Seminar, Workshop, Masterclasses, Showcases to be held for:  Fashion, Painting & Sculpture; Cartoon and Comics;  Movies and TV;  Multimedia etc

Third, Performing Arts: Exhibitions, Concerts, Showcases, Seminars, workshops for: Theatre, Dance Comedy, Music, Circus etc. Special Features: Nollywood… Fashion: The Economic Potentials. The closing session (Epilogue): will be a high-value event featuring grand showcases by the top practitioners in the various subsectors – fashion parade, musical concert, comedy showcase, drama and dance performances, visual art exhibitions, film screening and talent hunt etc.



Source: Vanguard Nigeria

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