Crust n Cream: Tasty Small Business

This patisserie-meets-bakery-meets-café had been a favourite of mine  in the past and so I decided to return there with my figurative mystery shopper cap on.

Located on one of the quieter streets of Victoria Island, you are welcomed by a large sign and quite a number of animated security men helping you to park. As I walked in, I spotted the crêpe and waffle area, amidst a plethora of other goodies such as ice cream cakes and muffins and I decided that I was going to buy a crêpe. Before this, however, I took a moment to admire their décor which was impeccable and added a fresh, young vibe to the atmosphere of the restaurant.

I asked for what toppings were available with a crêpe and I was introduced to someone else to explain their variety of toppings. After deciding on banana and maple syrup, I then had to wait another 3 to 4 minutes while I was then introduced to someone else who seemed to be holding a container of crêpe batter. At this point, I had probably been at the shop for about 7 minutes and there was still no sign of a crêpe. I stood and I waited and eventually, I asked one of the salespersons behind the counter how long this was expected to take. With arms folded defiantly across her chest she answered “15 minutes ma”. Crust n Cream3

Two things: as an avid crêpe maker myself, I know that it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to make a crêpe but secondly, I may not know very much about working in service but I’m not sure talking to a customer with your arms folded portrays a good image for your business.

Finally, I watch my crêpe being made and I find the whole process quite exciting (although I maintained my slight frown in the hope that someone would apologise for having made me wait so long). My crêpe was served in one of those take-away polystyrene packs which, although I accept they may be trying to save costs, did slightly ruin the shape of what was a very beautiful crêpe.

Given how tempting their bakery was, I thought I’d better get myself something else too and so I spotted the beef pie and asked for one while they packed my crêpe. The saleswoman, however, gave me my crêpe and seemed to wonder why I was still standing there. “And my beef pie?” She replied, “oh, would you like a chicken pie or a beef pie?” “1 beef pie please.” “How many ma?” she asked.  I think you get the point. Either this poor saleswoman was hard of hearing or she wasn’t concentrating the 3 times I had asked for this beef pie (which thankfully was very tasty when I eventually got down to it). This only added to the frustration of having to wait 15 minutes for 1 crêpe.

I went to the cashier and paid the exact amount for my goods and was on my way out before I realised I hadn’t been given a receipt. I wasn’t asked if I wanted a receipt, nor was a receipt placed in my bag – appalling on their part – and so I returned to ask for my receipt. I got into the car, about to indulge in my crêpe before I realized that this “take-away package” didn’t contain a knife and fork. Crust n Cream5

How was I meant to eat my not-so-little and incredibly messy delicacy without a knife and fork? I returned yet again to get some cutlery. However, as if they were determined I left on a positive note, I was given a flyer on my way out that advertised their plans to start a delivery service for N300 which I think is a very good idea. This flyer also clearly stated how I could find them on Instagram – A* for marketing.

In certain areas, Crust n Cream delivered– their layout, cleanliness and range of goods are all highly commendable. However, the service left me a little flat, quite unlike my crepe.

And so, on this crepe escapade, Crust n Cream get a sumptuous 7/10. Just.

Reintroducing our guest mystery shopper and the latest Cambridge Scholar in the world, Ore Ogunbiyi

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