How to Start a Food Blog Successfully In Lagos

If you have always wanted to blog and you are a great cook, then you may want to help other folks who know nothing about whipping up great meals. Starting a food blog is one of the nicest things that can happen to those who love good food.

What do you need to start a great food blog? If you are like many others asking this same question then here is a beginner’s guide on how to start a successful food blog.

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1. Study Other Food Blogs

You have to make out time to research and study other food blogs. You will be able to learn from the mistakes of others and then know how to make amends whilst you get to blog.

2. Hone your Skills

Honing your skills means that you have to brush yourself up so that you can do a great job (of blogging) that would attract loads of people. It is very vital that even though you have a passion to make great meals, as well as have some passion to write.

3. Carve a Niche

Now that things are going as planned, then you may want to decide what area you want to particularly deal in. This simply means that you may consider just blogging about how meals are made, or you can decide on the talking about raw foods, and what have you. There isn’t also a crime in blogging about diverse areas of the business.

4. Get a Website

If you are looking to start on a not too small scale, then you may consider owning a website and allowing a professional to help you put things in order. What are those things that need to be put in order you may ask? It simply means that you will need a professional website designer to help you to design your site in a way that people would not resist

 5. Start a Blog

You will have to choose which platform to function under. For instance, you can consider opting for word press, blogger, amongst many other blogs. There are professionals that may be available to advice you on the importance of using one platform over another. Therefore you have to keep your ears peeled so as to know what might work best for you.

6. Create Massive Content

Content is one of the key reasons why folks might be interested in visiting your blog- this is irrespective of whether they stumbled on your blog intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, you have to be up and doing in making sure that you churn out plenty of articles. If you think work might be slowed down, then you should hire a writer or writers as the case maybe to help pull things off.

7. Advertise Your Blog

One of the best things to do for yourself is to advertise adequately, so that you can attract plenty folks that read your blog, thereby causing a huge traffic there. You can use any of the social media platforms to create awareness, so that more people can visit your blog often. Some of the biggest and thriving blogs presently get up to 8, 000 visits monthly. You too can join the wagon when you take a cue on this.

8. Seek out new Ways to Be Better

Do not relent to continue to seek out new ways to make your blog really successful. So, you have got to keep at researching and reading other people’s blogs so that you can think up better ways to serve your readers better.

Food blogging business has helped a lot of housewives as well as entrepreneurs make good money. This isn’t the type of business that you will pick up and then leave off in the middle of it.

Therefore, be sure that you are determined to pursue this venture till the latter.


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Odira Onyenso

Odira Onyeso is a copywriter and curator on, and a writer of short romantic stories to boot. Her areas of interest include photography and fashion.

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