Goodies Supermarket

The exterior of the supermarket is presentable enough. There are quite a number of beggars who tend to disturb the shoppers and I feel something should be done about that. Parking is good but not great. For the kind of crowd the store pulls, they can do a lot better.

As I walked into the supermarket, I was greeted warmly by the security guard but I noticed a group of floor staff in the corner chatting away. I was barely acknowledged by them. When I was able to get their attention of one of the guys, I requested for chicken broth.

Not one person in the group knew what I was talking about. I was not really paying much attention to the time but a couple of minutes later, I was able to find a young man (unfortunately I did not get his name), who told me they did not carry that in store. He took my basket from me and we sashayed to the dairy section.

The women were so warmed and friendly. Their knowledge of the products they carried was impeccable. They even knew a lot more about the products on the shop floor than the shop floor staff themselves.

Since most of my shopping was in that section, I guess I had no need to complain. My new found aid helped me with the rest of my shopping. Took my list and pointed me to every aisle I needed. In the situation where the item I required was not available, he suggested others he felt were of the same quality (I am very glad I listened to him. No regrets there).

At the counter, he helped remove all my groceries from the basket, placed them on the counter and proceeded to bag for me. The cashier was equally sweet too and thanked me with a smile as I was leaving. My young man helped carry all my bags to the car (wish I got his name).

As I walked out the store, the security guard checked my receipt but I have a slight problem with that. I still do not understand why they check the receipts if they do not check the bags to confirm the groceries in the bags (not just Goodies – this happens everywhere).

I spent a lovely 30mins in the store and I can say my experience was good enough (that is, excluding the chatting mob at the entrance).


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