5 Types of Traders You Are Likely To Come Across in Lagos

Lagos-as a city-has it all basically; the good, the bad, the funny, the ugly and the flat out crazy. ‘The survival of the fittest’, is the mantra here as everyone seems to be engaged in ones business or another to put food on the table. Here are 5 types of traders that you are likely to come across in Lagos, when driving, or visiting a market.

5 Types of Traders You Are Likely To find in Lagos

The Overzealous Seller

Without signalling that you want to buy anything, he approaches you asking if you want to buy shirts, trousers, phones and other household items. In other cases, they will descend  on you like bees. Try to make sure you keep your calm and don’t get carried away by the patronizing names they call you like fine boy. It is safe to visit the stores at the market than transacting business with a Seller you meet on the road.

The street traders

Lagosians are always excited to see the street trader because it removes the stress of going to the market. They are the ones who run from danfo to SUVs determined to sell their wares. Their adrenaline is always pumped up. You find men, women and even children engaged in street trading. The question now is what will happen to them since the Lagos State Government has banned street trading? Will they disappear from the highway? We are watching!

The Bus Marketers

You are in a bus looking forward to a safe ride to your destination in a Lagos Bus. Suddenly, someone who took a vantage position stands up and shouts praise the lordjust to catch the attention of passengers. The next thing is to bring out an item especially drugs they want to market. These drugs can cure uncountable ailments. You will be surprised that Lagosians will buy these drugs despite warnings from health experts.

The Market woman

The only way you can make a Lagos market woman happy is to buy her wares. Do not haggle and end up not buying. You will not want to hear her harsh response. In fact, her facade will false you to buy if you do not want to.

The Job Marketer

The Job marketers sell nothing. They are taking advantage of the unemployment situation in Nigeria by distributing job leaflets advertising bogus vacancies. As a rule of thumb, do not collect these handbills.

Source: travel.jumia.com
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