Same Process, Same Effort, Different Result

“And it came to pass, that on the morrow Moses went into the tabernacle of witness; and, behold, the rod of Aaron for the house of Levi was budded, and brought forth buds, and bloomed blossoms, and yielded almonds”
(Numbers 17: 8).

The rods belonging to the twelve tribes of Israel all made it to the sanctuary. They all came to the same destination; they attained the same level; they all passed through the same process; if coming to the sanctuary was a qualification, they were equally qualified.

When Moses went back to check on the rods, Aaron’s rod had budded, blossomed and fruited. Twelve rods went through the same process, but only Aaron’s rod came out with results. Twelve rods came to the same place, but only one was successful.

Twelve rods made same efforts, Aaron’s rod got a different result

Friend, hear God’s prophetic word: you may go through the same process with others, but you will have a different result. A different outcome. You may make the same efforts, but your results will be more resounding and outstanding.

You may have same qualifications that others have, but God will cause you to have amazing favours and opportunities that others may not get. You may have the same chance as others, but your result will exceed theirs.

In the same place where others were rejected, you will be accepted; where others failed, you will succeed; where others were barely tolerated, you will be celebrated; if you go through the challenge that brought others down, you will rise higher and higher. God will miraculously grant you better results.

Aaron’s rod did not do anything special; it just got a better result by the finger of God. Ask God to show you mercy and grace, and your results will be different and better than the results of others.

Pray With Me: Lord, even when I make the same efforts as others, I will have a different result from the ordinary, in Jesus’ name!

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Converted in February 1994, Pastor Kayode (PK) is an ordained Pastor with The Redeemed Christian Church of God. He has worked with The Redeemed Christian Church Of God in several capacities as Treasurer, Strategic Planning & Monitoring Officer, Internal Auditor overseeing over 200 local parishes as well as parishes in Australia, Grenada, UK, USA, Papua New Guinea, Belgium and South Africa. Currently the Chief Executive Officer of Havillah Tents Limited, a start up company with products such as, an online platform to advertise artisans, workmen, tradesmen and informal businesses. A family man, PK is a true entrepreneurs' pastor with a strong passion for helping small businesses and startups fulfill their God-given potential as vehicles of change.

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