5 Places To Experience Art & Culture In Lagos

Are you are a culture enthusiast residing in or visiting Lagos? Do you crave an encounter with history? Or do you just want to unwind?

Here are 5 places to experience art and culture in Lagos

#1. National Theatre

national theatre

With its exterior shaped like a military hat, the National Arts Theatre was built by General Olusegun Obasanjo in 1976. The theatre was completed in time for the 1977 Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC). Of course, the Theatre played a significant role in promoting Nigerian art during the event.

Forty years later, the National Arts Theatre is still a hub for the cultural and art experiences. This is more so with its two 5,000 seater cinema halls.


#2. Freedom Park

Unlike the National Theatre, , Freedom Park is the remnant of British colonialism.  It was a British prison located on Broad Street in the heart of Lagos. However, the government has since upgraded the park to preserve the state’s history and cultural heritage.

Consequently, the Park has since become a one-stop centre for the appreciation of art and culture. Also, it is a great location to simply have fun. Interestingly, Freedom Park showcases the work of literary giant Prof. Wole Soyinka via the Harvest Art gallery. And, there’s live music, spoken word, and drama.

Finally, The Park also hosts events like the Afropolitan vibes and the Lagos Black Heritage Festival.

 #3. National Museum

nokside-hair-11 (1)

Do you remember the 1976 assassination of former military Head of State Murtala Mohammed? Well, if you want to relive what happened on that fateful day, visit the National Museum. The location is 150 metres Southeast of Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos.

And it is here you will see the bullet-riddled car. Other attractions include brasses from Benin city, Nok Terracotta heads, carved ivories, and much more.

#4. Mende Cane Village

maxresdefault-768x362 (1)Next is The Mende market which does not readily appear on any to-do list or itinerary. Yet, the market is a place still worth visiting. Mende market is situated under the Odo-Iya Alaro bridge at Mende, Maryland.

At the market, you find artisans carving various household materials. Baskets, cots, bridal chairs, tables, and other items are made from bamboo. The expertise displayed is fascinating. Interestingly, these baskets are affordable.

#5. Badagry

Everywhere you go in this pretty quiet town reflects its slave history and past. Badagry is of course an ex-slavery hub. Certainly, a day’s visit is not enough to navigate this coastal town.

The main Badagry attractions include Whispering Palms, Badagry Heritage Museum, Slave Museum. Others are the Slave Markets, Slave prisons (Baracoon), Slave Port, and Gberefun Island. Visitors can also see the Point of No Return, the 1st Primary School, 1st Church, and the 1st story building.

The cultural interaction and exchange in Badagry is immense.

Source: travel.jumia.com
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