5 Easy Ways to Retain Customers in Your Startup Business

With so much competition in the Nigerian market today, it can often be a challenge to turn first-time customers into loyal customers.

Providing good customer service isn’t always enough to keep consumers coming back. To create loyal customers, startup business needs to be prepared to make their customers feel special and wanted, he said.

Here are five tips to help boost customer loyalty in your startup business:

5 Ways to Retain Customers in Your Startup Business

  • Provide great service. Make sure the customer is attended to promptly, courteously and efficiently. Listen to their needs, and meet them as efficiently as possible. Clients always remember this. They will remember bad service even more.
  • Be quick to resolve issues. Not all products work perfectly, and sometimes, paid services don’t meet expectations. Accept when clients’ expectations haven’t been met, and work hard to make sure the issues are resolved to their satisfaction. They will remember this and will feel like their purchases are safe with you next time.
  • Keep in touch. Gather contact data on your clients when you can. Reach out to them with special offers and new products and services, or just send them a birthday card. Use any excuse to keep your company in their minds.
  • Reward loyalty. Once in a while, you should treat a loyal customer with a free product or special discount just for being loyal. You’ll be surprised at the loyalty this will generate.
  • Thank your customers. Chances are, you have competitors in your category — and that means your customers have options. The fact that they chose you — whether it’s because of your pricing, reputation or convenience — is something that you appreciate, so show it. Thank them. Thank them every time for choosing you, and let them know in words and deeds how important your business is to them, regardless of whether they’re your smallest customer or your largest.
Source: www.businessnewsdaily.com
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