Robbery Cases In Lagos on The Rise: Ajangbadi Hospital Attacked

The question must be asked, what kind of person robs a hospital? First. Then, what kind of person robs a hospital in Ajangbadi?

Life in places like Ajangbadi is hard enough. The state of the hospitals in the area – private or pubic is best imagined considering how bad hospitals on the Island and highbrow mainland areas like Ikeja and Surulere are.

So to imagine robbing an already poorly equipped hospital catering to several thousands of people in Ajangbadi really worries the mind.

And the mind of an Ajangbadi hospital thief is the best place to start looking for clues as to why this sort of act will be done in the first place. It takes an impoverished mind to commit a crime such as this, and that mind must have been impoverished from birth, and reinforced with even greater depravement during the formative years and beyond.

That mind is bereft of compassion. That mind has lost conscience. Yet that mind cannot truly be blamed for its actions. It has been failed by society, and so in a sense we are all to blame, for where people do not speak up against the injustices carried out by successive governments, creating an environment which allows young fertile minds to decay, then both the perpetrators and us the silent bystanders must take responsibility.

Lagos like many cities in the country may have lost whole generations of young minds who simply do not and frankly cannot know right from wrong, and are quick to justify their actions by pointing to those who came before them and robbed schools, hospitals, and children with pens and now smart phones, if not with guns and machetes.

Sadly, the hospital thieves like many before them and many after, will be shot quietly by policemen who cannot be bothered with prosecution paperwork. This harsh treatment creates a cycle of violence, as the criminal minds are then conditioned for the worst possible outcome, and therefore sink deeper into the darkness which clouds their judgement.

And so we soldier on in our beloved Lagos hearts in mouth, blood pressure constantly on the up, as we hustle for breakthrough.

It is no wonder the churches and religious houses continue to grow – our salvation it seems, remains in God.



The story is culled from http://www.newsheadlines.com.ng

Five suspected armed robbers, who disguised as patients, have attacked a private hospital in the Shibiri, Ajangbadi area of Lagos State, carting away valuables.
It was learnt that while three of the robbers escaped, two suspects – Babatunde Bamidele and Idowu Balogun – were apprehended and taken to the Ajangbadi Police Division …Read More

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