Almost Ooohsome at Mama Cass

Mama Cass’ cooking is ‘Ooohsome’.

My experience at Mama Cass.

Finally. Off to Ikeja to get a wedding dress and other accessories for Sola. I know people wonder how I still get excited about being a maid of honour – again, but like I keep saying and with all sincerity, I’m able to share my friend’s happiness on their special day.

Actually, why do women get so excited about weddings? Weddings not marriage. Two different things. I think the answer is in the difference somewhere, but that’s a subject for another day.

Shopping over, worn out and in need of a fill up. Stomach infrastructure? As a famous (infamous?) politician once said. But before heading back to Surulere, we ask our lovely lady shop attendant where best to go and she referred us to MAMA CASS.www.ekoconnect.net Almost Ooohsome at Mama Cass

As colleagues had bought food from them on several occasions while at work, I didn’t hesitate at the mention of the name, and looked forward to the familiar Mama Cass aroma. A free meal from Mama Cass is the least I deserved for this skin blackening exercise on a sunny saturday afternoon!

A little about Mama Cass for those who don’t know (how???): it’s a quick service restaurant with traditional Nigerian and continental dishes, pastries and a whole lot more. As far as I know, there are about 7 Mama Cass outlets in Lagos.

The exterior of the Ikeja outlet looks a bit old unlike their restaurants in Victoria Island and Palmgrove which I have been to. But it’s neat.

As we entered we were greeted by the guard at the door who helped people who exited from and also entered the building. So far so good.

We get in and we can hear the usual Nigerian popular music (how so original) playing. For once it will be nice if one restaurant or fast food place surprised me with like Oliver de Coque or Victor Uwaifo or Rex Lawson. Sadly, when you consider the clientele being targeted, I doubt it’s ever going to happen. A girl can dream though can’t she? Oliver de Coque on MY wedding day. Now that would have been special.

But back to Mama Cass. The inside was well lit giving an airy spacious feel to the place. Admittedly, this was mid afternoon with the African sun threatening to burn through clothes. Thankfully, the air conditioning kept it at bay and made the restaurant a pleasant and welcoming place to be in.

And so, it’s straight to the food display section where we are warmly greeted by a lady wearing a neat Mama Cass t-shirt on a pair of black trousers with her hair properly covered with a face cap.

After enquiring nicely as to what we wanted, we were served and billed, and trust me it’s not so expensive. It is in fact very affordable.

Best of all, the food was nice. Very nice. My chicken was well spiced and the Jollof rice tasted like “party rice” winks.

However, the Ofada Sola ordered wasn’t such a hit. She complained it was not well cooked and the Ofada stew didn’t taste quite like good old Yoruba Ofada stew. But it was manageable. To be honest, though i didn’t taste it, I’ve had enough Mama Cass food to think this may have been a one-off.

And then again, who can tell with these soon-to-be-married types. Her head and palate are clearly elsewhere and will remain so till after her wedding day.

In all, it was a nice meal, after which, a young man also dressed in a Mama Cass t-shirt with black trousers and a face cap came over and cleared the table. As he did so, he asked if we enjoyed our meal, and when Sola complained about the Ofada rice, he apologized profusely on behalf of management. A1 for customer service.

We took in as much of the air conditioning as possible for another 10 minutes, dreading the waiting Lagos sun flooding Ikeja with its blinding presence.

But leave we had to, and as we trudged out, the smiling guard at the door bowed ever so slightly and bade us farewell.

A quite fitting and pleasant way to end the experience.

Next stop, caterers, decorators, vendors and the usual retinue of wedding planners. I may have to charge more than rice and chicken for that one!


Last word? A fair 7/10 for this hangout.



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