ArabesQue Restaurant

If you have ever heard of the Middle East region or want to gain more insight on the region, its best you start with food. Eastern food from any authentic Middle Eastern restaurant is not just served to be enjoyed. The atmosphere and the food gives you a lasting experience as though you visited the Middle Eastern Region.

ArAbesQue Lagos is a place where you can get all the Middle Eastern Region feel you need. 


ArabesQue is an exquisite Middle Eastern Cuisine restaurant that features magnificent Arabian atmosphere, filled with vibrant colours. It has the most beautiful indoor and outdoor dining arrangement; decorated with breath-taking foliage. The indoor dinning is cosy and exquisitely decorated. The outdoor dining has cabanas and tents that would make you feel you’re away from Lagos. It designed to fit both day and night outing.

As a Middle Eastern Cuisine restaurant, it has varieties of pocket-friendly tasty meals like Fattouch, a salad made from toasted or fried pieces of khubz combined with mixed greens and tomatoes; Sayadieh, freshly cooked and served on a bed of flavoured cumin rice with tarator and topped with fried caramelized; other delicious meal are Turkish Kebeb, Hummus Plate, Arayes Arabesque, Tabbouleh, Labeneh Mtawameh, Batenjan Al Raheb, Hoummos, Makanek etc.

Want to feel the rich colourful culture of the Eastern Region, ArAbesque Lagos is the place to go. It is located in the heart Etim Inyang Cresent, Victoria Island, Lagos.



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