Assembly Summons Attorney-General

Lagos State House of Assembly has summoned the Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Adeniji Kazeem, for a letter suspending action on some inherited bills.

The commissioner wrote the lawmakers to stay action on outstanding bills inherited from the Seventh Assembly.

In the letter, read by the Clerk, Ganiyu Abiru, the commissioner listed 15 bills, which he said the House should suspend.

Lawmakers, however, faulted the letter. The Majority Leader, Sanai Agunbiade (Ikorodu 1), said he earlier received a letter from the commissioner through the Clerk, calling on the Assembly to revive pending bills from the executive.

He said the new letter was contradictory and that it was wrong for the commissioner to have called for suspension of the bills.

The bills are: State Public Private Partnership Amendment Bill 2013; State Sunset Agency Bill 2013; State Police Regulatory Authority Bill 2014; State Public Works Corporation 2014; State Examination Board Bill 2014; Seal of Lagos State Government Amendment Bill 2014; State Public Procurement Agency repeal and re-enactment Bill 2014; State Environmental Management and Protection bill 2014; State Tourism Promotion Agency Bill 2014; Ibile Holding Corporation Bill 2014; State Safety Commission swimming Pool Regulations 2014 ; State Water Infrastructure Development Fishery Regulation Bill 2014 and State Waterways Authority Boat Safety Regulation 2014.



Source: The Nation Nigeria

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