Belle of The Ball At Casabella

I like to think of myself as a fairly adventurous person. I may not like to go skiing or skydiving or mountaineering because, let’s face it, I’m black, and this is our sole endearing quality – we DO NOT want to die! But, I can hold my own when facing agbero-related situations and for a Lagos girl, that’s about as audacious as you should get.

So when it comes to beauty products, I’m open to trying a wide variety of brands. But how do I know which product works best for my skin type I hear you ask ? I experiment – from Mary Kay to MAC to IMAN to Tara – you name it, I’ve tried it.

And it was this very same spirit of experimenting  that led me to the IMAN luminous foundation. I don’t know what exactly I was expecting at the time because luminous basically means shining; radiant. True to its name, IMAN luminous foundation had my face literally sparkling like I had plastered a million tiny glitters on it! I had to improvise – out popped my trusty L.A. Girl darker concealer to try to tone down the shine. Voila! I had stumbled on the perfect foundation concoction for moi.

Yes, black is beautiful

Now, darker skinned girls can testify to all the hurdles they would otherwise cross to find the ‘perfect’ foundation. Yet by some stroke of good fortune, I had found mine. Suddenly, all the shine was gone and my mix suited my complexion to a tee-zone.

Sadly, it didn’t take long for my supplies to start to run short and it was time to replace my special secret ingredient – the L.A. Girl Concealer. First stop, a quick hop to my local beauty store that ordinarily stocked all my immediate and not so immediate beauty needs.

Shocker: you know how in the movies when some life altering incident or revelation happens and the actor is in such a shock that everything is suddenly a blur, even sound? That’s exactly how I felt when the sales rep started to say they were out of stock; I heard nothing but alarm bells.

But all hope was not lost – I was sure I could remedy the situation at the Casabella store at Ikota Shopping Complex. I had heard enough about it from friends to hang my fast fading hope on the store. It was a bit farther off than I had thought, but things were desperate.

My first impression of Casabella was that it was very inviting…

…and I could ogle everything from the outside via the see-through full-length window. Inside, the products were all very attractively arranged. And while the door lady ushered me in with a pleasant smile, the lights that hit me on entry were the most dramatic part of the welcome. OMG, was this a selfie lover’s dream or what?! Ok, focus.

The sales rep, (or were they make-up artists?) didn’t initially look my way, as they seemed more interested in their ‘face beat’ than a potential buying customer. That was a bit of a turn-off, but after no more than what seemed like a few seconds of wandering around, one of them – Amaka – ‘gravitated’ towards me. Amaka had a genuine enough smile and was very attentive to me while sharing useful quick tips about her world of beauty.

She seemed really knowledgeable about the products and make-up in general, chatting on confidently without a stutter, even if she kept trying to sell me things I neither wanted nor needed at the time.

Sell me right out of your store

At a point I was about ready to scream “no Amaka, I don’t need a contour kit, I can see my cheekbones fine the way they are, thank you very much”. But, it’s her job and in all honesty, it was not too much of a bother.

As is usually the case with big name stores, I noticed that most of the products at CasabeIla cost a bit more than they probably should? But here I was, a girl in desperate need – there really was not much choice for me in the matter.

After enduring my new chatterbox friend for what seemed like an eternity, I got my concealer, and in the right shade as well. Talk about a beautiful achievement! Now Amaka could chat on all she liked and in any language she wanted – I was too happy to be bothered. My world was set to rights again, and its lead actress was back to form – perfectly ‘concealed’ and rightly shining like a hundred instead of a million stars.

Maybe I should have bought 2 now I’m thinking about it; avoid any more adventures for a long time to come.

My Impression – A shimmering  8/10

Sola Oyero

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Learning Points:

  • Avoid overselling, it may turn customers away.
  • Smile – it costs little yet goes a long way in endearing customers
  • Product/service knowledge oozes professionalism and puts customers’ minds at ease.


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