Broad Street Traders Call On Ambode

Traders on Broad Street and surrounding mar­kets on Lagos Island have called on the Lagos State government and the Lagos Island Local Government to build affordable shops for traders in the various mar­kets on the Lagos Business District.

The traders made the plea in the wake of the recent crackdown on their activi­ties by officials of the Kick Against Indiscipline, other­wise known as KAI.

The KAI officials had in recent weeks intensify their activities in patrolling the various Lagos Island markets and streets in an effort to rid the business district of street traders and hawkers by con­tinuously chasing them out of the streets and confiscating their wares.

According to a trader on Broad Street who pleaded ano­nymity because of the fear of being persecuted, they said the activities of the KAI officials have brought untold hardship to petty traders who are mostly street traders on the business district.

‘’The little business we do to feed our family, they will come and pack it to Alausa’’

In her words, the woman who spoke in Yoruba language urged the state government to provide affordable shops to traders, in­stead of building markets like that of Tejuosho Ultra Modern Market which she said is be­yond the reach of the poor. ‘’If they provide affordable markets for us, we are ready to rent it and move out of the street.’’

Another trader, who also carry out her business on Broad Street, who simply identify him­self as Frank, a phone acces­sory seller said: ‘’Since the im­mediate past Governor of Lagos State, Raji Fashola have chased everybody out from the Oluwole market in Lagos Island, they have nowhere to go and they need to feed their family.’’

Frank said it is obvious that selling goods along the street is not good, but added that people embark on it, because they do not have sufficient fund to rent shop within the Lagos Island.

He stated that most of the shop on Lagos Island has ‘’pro­fessional torch’’ and so expen­sive for ‘’third class people’’ to rent or purchase.

Frank told Broad Street Di­ary, BSD, that the best way to solve the problem is for the La­gos State Government to build low priced shop around Lagos Island.

In the view of another trader, Ifeanyi, also a trader on Broad Street, he lauded the activities of the KAI officials, saying they are doing a good job, ‘’Most of our people will block the road and passersby will begin to strive with them before they could move’’

He made reference to what happen at the market the pre­vious week when a pregnant woman who also sells on Broad Street wanted to run away from KAI officers so that her good would not be confiscated, but while running, she fell down and had to be rushed to the hos­pital for treatment.

Ifeanyi said it is not the wish­es of the street traders to sell on the streets, but were forced to do so by circumstances.

He told BSD that the KAI of­ficers have collected his market that worth N270, 000, but still have to sell on the street due to lack of money to rent shop.

Ifeanyi concluded that it is not their wish to sell goods on the streets, but because they don’t have the money to rent shop.’’



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