Business Wisdom – 48 Laws of Power

The Concise 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene is our 2nd book to be reviewed, never mind the 1st book has not been completed.

But, unlike our earlier review, this will be done pictorially. If I may take a moment to explain:  we have found from the views, likes and comments received on previous posts on ekoconnect, that people  simply do not read quite so much these days. Apart from a culture which  really does not encourage reading, Lagos has become a markedly difficult environment where the daily grind  does not allow for the easier,  more leisurely pursuits such as reading.

And so, being mindful of the challenges faced by our average reader, we will attempt to present the material in the book as succinctly as possible  while capturing the essence of each law.

Of course, this may create a bit of controversy, but we intend to use images, which by themselves  should tell most of the story.

While the book itself was considered  unduly controversial when it was first published, the quality of research and real life applications was undoubted.  As a business tool, the lessons are invaluable at virtually all levels. However, the books’ application goes beyond the realms of business. It is a reference book for everyday dealings especially where relationships exist, or are being built.

The writer summarizes the book as being a guide for “how to  get to the top and stay there”; having read and reviewed the book, it is an invaluable resource for ALL entrepreneurs and start-ups. It takes the sugar coating off the entrepreneurial pill and guides readers in a real-life, hard-nosed and calculated approach to relationship management.

The tone of the book is in many ways Machiavellian, yet it manages also to be very “street” in a markedly Nigerian manner. There’s a “local wisdom” feel to each  lesson,  which makes the book essential reading for budding entrepreneurs and newbies at big or even small organisations.

“Crush your enemy totally” is the 15th law of power according to the book; ordinarily, this sort of advice is almost taboo in mainstream publications and an anathema in management writing, training or correspondence. Yet, this title exemplifies the nature of the advice given in the 48 Laws of Power.

As one critic wrote, “the book teaches you how to cheat, dissemble, feign, fight and advance your cause in the modern world”.

It is on this note therefore we welcome  our readers to the even more concise “Concise 48 Laws of Power” as summarized on ekoconnect.net.


 Ifeanyi Maduka


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