Businesses Predominate Lagos Island

Location of industry has been defined by some economist as the citing and concentration of industries in a given community such as it is presently obtainable on Broad Street and some places in Ikeja axis the Lagos State.In Ikeja, there are more of the manufacturing industries dominating while on Broad Streets, more of the service sector such as banks and their major headquarters are located there.

While Ikeja axis seems to be better planned for residential, commercial and industrial purposes, the reverse is the case on Broad Street in Lagos Island which is devoid of a proper blend of localisation of industries and residential plan given the inorganic stratification of the environment.

However, the ever increasing commercial activities on Broad Street has made the whole axis rowdy and noisy due to erection of lockup shops beneath virtually every building just for rent purposes in the area.

Nevertheless, despite the noisy nature of the environment, which makes it not conducive for proper habitation, some people still reside in the area owing to some personal reasons.

For Mrs. Akinjobi Ganiyat, an office assistant, she has been living on Lagos Island for the past 10 years because of the nearness to her place of work.

“I have been staying on the Island for past 10 years and the experience has not been palatable. I stay here primarily because of my work as my office is a trekking distance from my residence.

If I had my way, I would never have considered residing on Broad Street as an option, not even with the constant harassment, infighting and overall notoriety of the street urchins popularly known as “area boys” in local parlance.

I even witnessed one pathetic scene of a lad sent on an errand to grind pepper. He was accidentally shot dead by rampaging hoodlums who mistook him for one of the rival gangs.

Such is life on regular basis when you reside here on the Island.”

She added that it would take a total regimented parenting to be able to nurture a child properly under an environment like that on Lagos Island.

“For instance, my children are not here. I cannot afford to raise them in an environment like this. This place is too ‘morally debasing’ for my liking I cannot allow my children to grow here God forbids!

Although, I like the social life in here particularly at weekends as there are always enough parties here and there”.

On affordability of rents in this area, she stated that one could still get a room not self contained though, for 5,000 naira monthly.

Ms. Bose Badiru, single mother of one and a porter popularly called Alabaru in Yoruba language, who has also been staying in the area for at least 10 years lamented that to rent a small room on Lagos Island costs a fortune as there are more shops for commercial activities than apartments for residential purposes.

“I have been staying in this area for 10 years due to the nature of my work.

The room I stay costs 100 daily which is to be paid every Friday. We are 6 occupants in one room in the structure which is more or less like lock up shops.

This area is not conducive for decent living. I am even planning to relocate to a place like Orile or Badagry side if I am able to raise some money soon.

For instance, we have to wake up very early in the morning in order to either take our bath or quickly defecate and throw the rubbish into the Lagoon because there are no toilet and bathroom facilities in this place.

There is also the menace of area boys and hoodlums called “omo oniles” who often foment troubles at will over land and supremacy issues leading to injuries or death.”

However, Mr. Gbenga Ayangbola (aka. Top Gel) has a contrary view. He said:

“There is nothing wrong in residing on Lagos Island, as an indigene living on the Island it is a form of security.

We the indigenes understand this terrain better and we can quickly indentify suspicious strangers when we see one and hand him over to the police for further investigation”.

He added that living on the Island facilitates getting to work early and returning home with ease.

“Living on the Island is most convenient particularly for those of us that have our businesses here. I do not have to wake up so early as some people coming from the mainland to work on the Island.”

On concerns about crime rate earlier raised by some of our respondents this is what he had to say;

“Never mind them Lagos Island is the most secure in Lagos State.

How many cases of hired assassins do you hear of from these areas? You can hardly experience such here.

This is because most businesses and headquarters of major banks in Nigeria have their headquarters here hence; there is adequate security.

As a matter of fact, the police are on patrol for virtually 24 hours of the day and the trouble spots are noted.

For example, places like Isale Eko, Tokunbo side and Pati street are crime prone areas because these are purely residential places, but here on Broad Street and Marina axis, we enjoy adequate security due to heavy security presence of the law enforcement agents”.

He rebuffed the notion that bringing up a child morally in Lagos Island is practically impossible, saying:

“The decadence being experienced among juveniles and youths generally is not peculiar to this area alone.

There are wayward and socially misdirected children everywhere across the country, largely because of the carelessness of some parents.

You can bring up your children any where if you instill the fear of God in them, they will be your good ambassadors anywhere.

If I had my way, I would still build my house here on Lagos Island and reside here. After all, I was born here in 1966 and I have lived all my life in this interesting environment”.

However, Mr. Oluwole Kalejaye a security expert said that residing on the Island has serious security implications because some of the streets are so porous and boundless making it difficult to track criminals.

“Tracking criminals will be very difficult in an environment like this because the streets are too accessible from anywhere.

There is no barricade or fence to prevent intruders and in addition to that, there are no parking spaces for safety of vehicles.”

Mrs. Mary Oche also a security agent advised that there are suitable environments on Lagos Island if one must live on the Island.

“There are suitable and affordable residential areas on Lagos Island.

For example the Aja axis of Lagos Island is a developing area good and affordable enough for comfortable living.

Places in Aja such as Ilaje, Lamgbasa, Badore and Epe axis are affordable and well planned to reside in, if one must stay on the Island.

Good enough, these areas are just 30 or maximum of 1:30 minutes drive from CMS in worst scenario”.


Source: National Mirror 

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