Capacity Building for Oil and Gas Entrepreneurs

The Nigeria Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) have designed and is launching its first “Nigeria Content Master Class” designed to increase the capacity of Nigerian firms operating the oil and gas industry.

The training is scheduled to hold on the 2nd and 3rd of November in Lagos, at the Oriental Hotel.

The NCDMB said Nigerian Entrepreneurs and SMEs operating in the oil and gas industry had been having capacity challenges in seeking and securing long term contracts from International oil companies (IOCs) and other asset exploration and production companies.

“Nigerian SMEs have also been challenged in securing long term finance as well as gaining suitable technical partners which can guarantee they pass technical evaluations carried out by the IOCs. In this respect the NCDMB has designed a strategic project that will serve as an intervention to identify and support Nigerian Small and Medium Enterprises to seek sustainable business opportunities in line with the Nigeria Content Act 2010. The Project called Project Triple E, is also intervening in supporting other special groups, such as youths and women to enter the oil and gas industry to take advantage of extensive opportunities open to Nigerian businesses. Project Triple E stands for Entrepreneurship, Empowerment and Employment and it is operated on behalf of the NCDMB by the Anabel Group.

“Anabel Group is well known for its Local Content Strategic Initiative in which it promotes Local Content Strategy for the development, growth and expansion of Local Nigerian companies and Entrepreneurs in the Power, Entertainment, Capital Markets, ICT and Oil and Gas industries. Anabel Group also founded and supports the Empower Nigeria Initiative which is the largest privately run network of grass root entrepreneurs in Nigeria, committed to job creation at the community level.

“The Nigeria Content Master Class will operate as a series in which classes will be held quarterly and around the country in order to expose as many Nigerian entrepreneurs, in as many fields as possible from all over the country to the vast opportunities in the oil and gas industry”, they said in a statement.



Source: Thisday Nigeria

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