Quick and Easy Cash Loans For Start-up Businesses.

Need money to start your business? Are you a salary earner and live in Lagos? You can get cash loans of up to N750,000.00 naira (depending on how much your earn per month) at the lowest interest rate in less than 24 hours with no collateral.

Primera Credit MFB Limited is a CBN licensed microfinance bank and a subsidiary of Primera Africa Finance Group, which provides a wide range of financial services across the African continent. They offer fast and flexible personalized loans with the most professional, efficient and transparent execution is our goal.

Their state of the art technology ensures the most efficient loan approval process and decision making. Primera Credit caters to a varied market segment empowering customers in achieving financial freedom.

Primera is a essentially a consumer finance firm that provides a range of services to clients across the African continent including Lagos Nigeria. Their goal is to provide bespoke financial solutions, in the most professional and efficient manner to meet clients’ individual needs.

For most people, the biggest obstacle to starting a business is money. When you calculate your startup costs and then add in the amount of money you need to cover your personal expenses during the startup phase, getting enough money to start your new business can seem like an impossible dream.

Primera Credit MFB Limited provides simple money solutions by way of unsecured credit to individuals who live and work in Lagos. These cash loans are conveniently spread over a maximum period of 9 months with the lowest interest rate.

Primera Credit MFB Limited, offers a range of products that are tailored to provide speed, simplicity as well as convenience. Below is a range of their offerings:

  • CASH LOANS – Unsecured loans targeted at employees of pre-qualified organizations.

  • GROUP LOANS- Our group loan product is targeted at organizations; the purpose is to have access to all staff members with the aim of achieving payroll deduction at source with a favorable interest rate.

The requirements for the loans facility are listed below:

  1. Employment letter/Confirmation Letter or Last promotion letter
  2. Six months bank statement of account till date
  3. Valid means of identification (driver’s license, international passport, national ID or voter’s card)
  4. Employee ID card(company)
  5. 1 Passport Photograph
  6. Cheques for the loan tenor
  7. Recent Pension account statement / Tax ID card

To fast track your application, and for further enquiries, Contact:

Jennifer Okwumah Sales

Loans for start-up businesses - Ekoconnect



Tel: +234 1 9037340 │Mobile: +2348063113425 │Email: jokwumah@primeracredit.com  


Primera Credit MFB Limited 24 Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria │Website: www.primeracredit.com

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