Smart Living

Keeping your eyes peeled, or in local parlance, ‘shine your eye’ is an absolute must for successfully navigating the rough tides of Lagos life.

Other times, all that is needed is a little wisdom to make the difference between a good outcome and a bad result.

Accounting Basics For The Entrepreneur #101

Accounting is an important aspect of owning a business, but accounting is about more than just keeping track of how much money a business spends or brings in. Accounting therefore, is the process of collecting, recording, analyzing/interpreting financial condition and progress of a business. As an entrepreneur, you are dedicated to creating a sustainable and profitable …

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Oil Price Slump & Nigeria’s Slow Economic Growth

Lagos, Nigeria Ever since Nigeria started harvesting its oil endowment, its economy’s umbilical cord has avoidably been firmly tied to the volatility of this commodity’s price. This vulnerability is demonstrably reflected in that about 65% to 70% of annual government expenditure comes from oil revenues. Historically, it’s been as high as 90%. And every downturn in …

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