Computer Professionals Conference & Exhibition

The Computer Professionals Conference & Exhibition 2015 comes up on the 27th of August (that’s this month by the way) at the Events Centre, Plot 1 Hakeem Balogun Street in Lagos Island, parallel to Igbosere Street, for those who know the area well.

CPCE is the first indigenous technology event for IT professionals in the country.

The event, which will hold over 2 days aims to showcase Nigerian IT professionals, first amongst their peers, to the interested public, and just as importantly, to the business world who are ultimately the end users of IT solutions and innovations.

While organised as an IT event, the CPCE is a major networking  event with IT as its main theme. It will afford attendees the opportunity to interact with other professionals and will also provide access to IT vendors within the region who will be putting the latest IT solutions and services on display.

Like other major IT events and exhibitions around the world, the CPCE will allow hands-on interaction with equipment and software which will be put on display.

It is also an excellent opportunity for SME’s to either put IT solutions in the public view or to purchase indigenous and inexpensive software for their operations.

It has been predicted that the software market in Nigeria, especially for the SME sector of the economy, comprising innovators, start ups, IT business people,  and more, is worth several million dollars potentially. CPCESo far, institutions such as the Bank of Industry have gone a long way to promote locally developed software and have even gone as far as creating markets for local software vendors and developers, using the BoI platform.

Forums such as the CPCE will therefore help our young local industry to grow healthily – but only where opportunities for collaboration, sharing of ideas, and certainly, local patronage exist.

Finally, it must be said that the exponential growth of internet use in Nigeria, and the improved speed of internet services has greatly aided software use and development in Nigeria; and with the steady switch to broadband technology, the prospects of the ICT sector in the country are very very bright indeed.

But let us start by attending the CPCE event on the 27th of August 2015.



Source: www.eventful.com

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