CPC Clamps Down On Fake Gas And Fuel Filters Traders In Lagos

The Consumer Protection Council, (CPC) , last weekend, clamped down on traders at Oregun area of Lagos state for selling fake gas and fuel filters and other mechanical products.

CPC-logoThe Head of Lagos Operational Office, CPC, Mr. Joshua Ngada, said CPC has the mandate to protect the interest of the gas and fuel filters consumers and promoting their welfare.

He said that the Council is determined to make sure that all products that are hazardous and substandard are removed from the markets. According to him, this is done through routine surveillance and consumer tips from the public.

He informed that the council had received consumer tips that fake gas and fuel filters and products are being sold in certain locations in Lagos, especially in Oregun, Ikeja “We went into surveillance and discovered that several outlets are selling these components that have identified some of the shops with what they are selling.

After the due diligence and we have identified the source, we have to now remove the fake gas and fuel filters and products from the market”, he said. Similarly, the council’s Head of Surveillance and Enforcement, Lagos Operational office, Mr. Camillus Anyawu who led the enforcement exercise told newsmen after the exercise said the enforcement was to protect consumers’ interest and right.

According to him, many consumers are ignorant of what they are buying but when they are sensitized, they know better. “Education has to come from two angles because the person selling has to inform the consumer what the  gas filter product is all about.

The consumers have opportunities to 3 Rs, repair, return or refund but unfortunately, many consumers are not aware while traders too don’t give room for such”, he stated.

The Importance Of Fuel Filters And How It Can Influence Your Fuel Pump

In order to know the true importance of fuel filters, or any automotive part for that matter, it is crucial to know where they are located and what their functions or purposes are. The fuel filters are positioned between the cars’ fuel pump and the fuel injectors.

Its primary purpose is basically to aid the fuel pump’s performance by filtering out deposits in the gasoline being transferred to the engine. More specifically, as the fuel pump supplies gas to the engine, it is the fuel filter’s job to serve as a sort of barrier, ensuring that only gas of an acceptable purity is pumped into the engine.

In this way, the fuel filter eliminates much of the contamination in the fuel, protecting the fuel pump and fuel injectors as the gas is sprayed into the engine.

Source: Vanguardngr.com

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