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As a result of this therefore, we have restructured the reviews and would like to start the section again with the book, Crafting your own Turf, co-authoured by Mr. Brian Tracy and Stephen Ojji.

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[easy-tweet tweet=”Crafting Your Own Turf, or CYOT, is the first in our series of business/management book reviews, and rightly so. Stephen and Brian Tracy have come together to create a gem of a book which we consider to be one of the most insightful self-help and personal development tools available in the country today.” hashtags=”#briantracy, #sme, #entrepreneurs”]
While Brian Tracy lends his massive international reputation as a motivational speaker and management guru, Stephen adds his acute understanding of the peculiarity of Nigeria, and his Lagos Business School-honed management savvy.
This is a collector’s item. A reference book which must be revisited often for refresher courses. Yes, it is that good. And with the introduction of our tutors firmly in place, we now invite you to share extended excerpts from CYOT with a promise that it will be time extremely well spent.
Thank you for your time.

This is the best time in all of human history to be alive, and the years ahead look better and brighter. We have found that the greatest waste of life occurs when people attempt to live without goals, without clear meaning and purpose in life. When people are not clear about their goals and objectives, they take off after one job, and then another.
To achieve anything worthwhile in life, you must develop the ability to focus on one clearly defined goal. When you have programmed your mind with clear, written goals, you activate a series of mental powers that work towards your success.
You will find that you get ideas, insights and even attract people and circumstances that are in harmony with your goals. You are instinctively more alert and aware of things that you can do to help you achieve your goals even faster. When you are clear about what you want, your outer world of results begins to reflect, like a mirror, your inner world of ideas and images.
The price of success comes with two requirements. First of all, it must be paid in advance, the second requirement is that the price must be paid in full before you enjoy the success. Success is not available on a discount plan. If you are not happy with what you have accomplished with your life, you can immediately go to work and begin paying the price for the rewards and results that you wish to enjoy in the future. Successful people are those who have developed success habits while unsuccessful people are those who have not yet developed these habits.
The most important habit you can develop is the habit of goal setting. This will do more to ensure that people have better lives than any other habit or behavior that you can develop.

Goal setting alone is not sufficient; you must learn the key skills necessary to achieve your goals. You must identify your special skills, strengths and abilities, and then position yourself in your work and industry for maximum success.

In the pages ahead, you will learn a powerful process that will enable you to accomplish any goal that you can set in life. Once you have learned this skill, you will be able to use it for the rest of your life.

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