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Sweet easy sauces from difficult tomato drama

A lot has been said about the tomato situation in the country, not least on Ekoconnect. However, most of the discourse has been on the problems and on the challenges faced by consumers. Very little time or effort has been devoted to the solution to the problem, or to the ways round the high prices faced by buyers. Until now. Enter Easy Sauces.

Easy Sauces Nigeria Limited (ESNL) is a wholly owned indigenous company whose main objective is to manufacture, market, distribute and sell African sauces and other tomato based sauces to local and international markets.

So far, the main brand from the house of Easy Sauces is appropriately named OBE (which is Yoruba for soup/stew). OBE is not simply a tomato paste, and it’s not a puree either. Instead, it is a rich tomato blend which comprises spices, flavours, and tomatoes to form a near pot-ready mix for use.

Kunbi makes easy sauces available

By using a simple agency model, Easy Sauces is able to reach a larger market than via direct sales only. The model has also empowered many entrepreneurs one of whom is Mrs. Kunbi Adesokan, a former banker turned entrepreneur.

According to her “OBE is cheap and also convenient for cooking, as families can now save time, conserve energy while they still enjoy the African delicacies made from OBE sauce”. Just as importantly, OBE has a shelf life of between 12 and 18 months without refrigeration.

In a very short period, admittedly as a result of the disaster in the tomato market, OBE has gained a huge reputation as the tomato substitute amongst buyers.

Does this then mean that once the tomato yield is up again in a few months, OBE would be out of business? Not if the makers and their agents get their pricing right.

OBE is more than a tomato substitute. It is also a convenience in terms of handling, and other ingredients. It must be stated again – as an alternative, OBE will retain market share only if the pricing is properly managed. Until then, this is the one sure answer to our tomato problems.

Mrs. Adesokan is reachable by telephone or whatsapp on 0803 454 0082. She guarantees the best OBE price in Lagos!

Ifeanyi Maduka

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