Eko Atlantic City: Everything You Need To Know

The Eko Atlantic City is gradually becoming a reality, the first set of office buildings is expected to be ready for occupation next year.  Among the projects in advanced stages is the Afren headquarters building, a skyscraper, which is presently at its 16th floor of construction, and likely to be completed next year. Eko Pearl Towers, is also rising into the sky.

Rising off the coast of Lagos, on land reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean, stands Eko Atlantic City: a 21st century city providing vital real estate for people to live and work in what will become the new financial capital of Nigeria if not West Africa.



Eko Atlantic is an entirely new coastal city being built on Victoria Island adjacent to Lagos, Nigeria. This is to solve the chronic shortage of real estate in the world’s fastest-growing megacity. Yes, there’s land for expansion in other parts of Lagos which would have cost much less to develop. So why reclaim the sea? It is because Eko Atlantic is designed for the mega rich in society who want Dubai style living with high rise buildings overlooking beautiful oceans and sea shores.

The City is a 10 square kilometer development project that adjoins the Phase 1 area of Lekki and Victoria Island district of Lagos city, to the north, while the entire Western, eastern and southern borders is a coastline.

Eko Atlantic City is expected to rise as the next generation of property on the African continent; having a total of 10 districts, spread across 10 million square meters of land reclaimed from the Atlantic ocean and protected by an 8.5 kilometer long sea wall, known as “Great Wall of Lagos” that would serve as a barricade against the rioting ocean.

Eko Atlantic City also comes with an added advantage of decongesting and protecting Victoria Island from danger of frequent ocean surge. Upon its completion, the project is estimated to hold 250,000 people who would live and work within the city. It is projected that about 150,000 people would commute to and fro the city daily.

The multi-billion dollar new city project being undertaken by South Energyx Nigeria Ltd, a subsidiary of the Chagoury group, in collaboration with Lagos State government.

According to the Lagos State Government, there is an ongoing construction of various infrastructures such as storm water drainage, installation at 79 per cent, sewage pipe installation at 40 per cent, water supply pipe installation at 21 per cent, and telecoms ducts installation at 27 per cent.

According to information online, the new $6 billion Eko Atlantic City will be the size of Manhattan’s skyscraper district. Self-sufficient and sustainable. It includes state-of-the-art urban designs, its own power, clean water, advanced telecommunications, spacious roads and 110,000 trees.

Already a haven for investment, Eko Atlantic will soon become a beacon for international business and tourism – a global landmark and a symbol of Nigeria’s pride and prosperity.

Eko Atlantic is fast becoming a reality as clients have already begun constructing their high-rise developments within the city. To get land at the Eko Atlantic City ($1,500 per square meter), go to https://www.nigeriapropertycentre.com/for-sale/land/lagos/eko-atlantic-city/28542-few-choice-plots-of-land-for-sale.

With that sort of pricing, it is clear that this is not a development for the fainthearted. It is an exclusive area for the top 0.01% of society.

The rest of us will be hopefully be allowed to see pictures and videos of how the super rich work and live.

Edited by Odira Onyenso.

Sources: The Guardian, The News.



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