About ekoconnect…Giving a BIG Hand to Small Business

At ekoconnect, we periodically celebrate entrepreneurs in recognition of their successes [Business Life].

We utilize the experience and challenges faced and surmounted by established entrepreneurs to help guide, develop and encourage startups and entrepreneurs who are yet to master their chosen fields of endeavour.

However, we have noted that learning from others must be as much about what to do as what not to do [Lagos Spy Shopper] for a proper balance of experiences.

Our platform also looks to help start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs develop capacity – [soft skills & Small Business Sense], hard skills [SMExpert], and package their businesses for funding.

Given our primary role as marketing consultants and business economists (PR, media content development & business analysis), businesses and their entrepreneurs are showcased and promoted to help gain awareness and hopefully improve market share [Featured].

Small businesses typically must be restructured for growth. And there is scope for ALL small businesses to grow enough to earn the promoters a healthy living.

Geographically, Lagos is the focal area and therefore, news about Lagos and the impact on small business is a priority [Lagos Concerns].

Welcome to ekoconnect, giving a BIG hand to small business

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