The Famous Streets of Lagos Contd.

This is the the second part of our 2-part article on the famous streets in Lagos. Based on the suggestions received so far, we may need to do a follow up on these top ten streets with new contenders. In the meantime, please read on:

1. Toyin Street

Another famous street in Lagos is Toyin Street. The street is located off Allen Avenue/Opebi Road. The interesting thing about this street is its range of clubs, hotels and restaurants where you can enjoy live music scene, great food and hang out with friends.

During the day, there is a massive load of traffic on this street; however, people still manage to spend a lot of time there with their friends. The popular pizza joint – Domino’s Pizza, Water Parks and Ibris hotel are located on this street.

Toyin street has become one of the major attractions for visitors on Lagos Mainland.

2. Adeola Odeku Street

Lagos business ideas. EkconnectIf you are visiting Lagos for the first time, you are going to love this street for its flexibility. Adeola Odeku Street is located in Victoria Island, and is a place where everything seems to happen – banking, restaurants, nightclubs, shopping malls and shopping centres,telecoms offices, the lot.

This is the only street where you will find a golden bull in all of Lagos!

From office workers to businessmen, newspaper vendors to fruit sellers, it’s all happening here. Chinese, Thai, South African, Indian, and local restaurants ‘full ground’.

Adeola Odeku is VI’s answer to Isaac John in Ikeja!

Whatever you are looking for, you will find it on this street – just be careful not to lose yourself in the process.


3. Ogunlana Drive, Surulere

Ogunlana Drive is one of the older areas of Surulere in Lagos. The street is lined with a few corporate offices, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls and shops. Its home to beautiful colonial and modern buildings and it’s a place to visit if ever the chance came up. It’s really difficult to resist the atmosphere of warmth the street offers.

4. Adeniran Ogunsanya Street

Adeniran Ogunsanya Street is one of the most popular streets in Lagos, and sits in the heart of Surulere; it is known as the most visited shopping streets in Lagos.

The Street is a meeting point for the affluent and regular Lagosians who love to shop. It is known for a great number of shopping malls and the most popular one has to be the Shoprite store.

People who love to shop and hang out with friends and families love Adeniran Ogunsanya. And it is ‘not today’ as they say. The street has been popular for years with young people and evening revellers. There are several elegant restaurants in the same area, where people can enjoy delicious meals.

By night, the street is reinvented with bars and nightclubs which ‘jam’ till the early hours of the morning virtually all weekend long.

This is sin city, but you will be forgiven in the morning for falling for its charm. Of the streets featured, Adeniran Ogunsanya probably has the most vibe to it of any in Lagos. It’s really a place to visit!

5. Isaac John Street, GRA

Isaac John Street is a unique attraction, located in GRA – Government Reserved Area in Ikeja, Lagos.

The street has many attractions for people to enjoy – both locals and visitors. You can find restaurants, cafes and bars and hotels on this street very easily.

In recent years, the otherwise quiet street has been transformed into a hub of activity with some of the very best dining present. The recently revamped road surface has added shine to the street and it now ranks as the best entertainment street in Ikeja, eclipsing Allen/Toyin street, the former go-to streets of Ikeja.

Have we left any of your favourite streets out? Please share and we will be certain to visit and report.


Odira Onyenso

Source: Travel start blog

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