Good News for Lagos Entrepreneurs as FG Plans Nationwide Broadband Coverage

FEDERAL government of Nigeria is not leaving any stone unturned in its quest to deploy massive broadband connections necessary to give ubiquitous internet experience to Nigerians.

This is considering that the internet has now become an essential feature of modern life. It affects everything people do or even aspire to do. Business, quality education, healthcare delivery, clean water, efficient power supplies or good governance, are all in one way or the other, dependent on the internet.

In Lagos where all the major businesses from across sectors operate, internet service is a major priority.

More importantly, the internet is the surest way for small businesses to even dare to compete against big business with any hope of success.

Investments in broadband technology. . .

.. . is bound to yield desirable results for the country. The first shot the government took at achieving this was the formation of broadband policy plan in 2014. The plan sets out to achieve at least 30 percent broadband penetration in the country by 2018.

NCC said it invited stakeholders to discuss spectrum plan, pricing scheme and licensing of service providers in the 38 & 42GHz bands as well as the Re-planning of the 23GHz Microwave Spectrum band within the Nigerian telecoms industry in line with global best practices.

Stakeholders discussed channel plan, licensing model and pricing at the meeting. Meanwhile, the Deputy Director, Spectrum Administration of the NCC, Mr Oluwatoyin Asaju, said that the regulatory moves were in line with the commission’s tradition of carrying people along in its decision to accelerate the achievement of deepening broadband penetration.

Asaju,said that the timeline for stakeholders to aggregate their decision based on the document presented and get back to the commission was between three to six months and encouraged strict compliance to the timeline before the take-off of the scheme. He said the licensing option would be in an administrative method of first come, first serve in three categories: licence spectrum, light licensing and licence exempt.

Recall that NCC also, recently, announced that it was going ahead to auction the 2.6GHz spectrum licence slated for May 16, 2015 in Abuja. The spectrum is offered by the commission on a technology neutral basis and can be used to provide any telecommunications services.

Source: Vanguard Nigeria

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