Firm Unveils Rent-To-Own Option

Barely one year after its formation, a real estate investment firm, Natanel Florens,  is offering high-yielding investment options to private clients in the real estate and private equity sector.

The firm, which owns the Private Property Investors Trust (PPIT) franchise in Africa, says its scheme also offers 80 per cent on property investment over five years, irrespective of the property investment portfolio.

Nigerians who wish to own a home without the mandatory equity deposit may have a cause to smile. This comes on the heels of a new initiative by the firm. The initiative is aimed at re-engineering the “rent-to-own” scheme which is yet to be fully entrenched in the country.

Under the model, the company markets the properties to tenants, and subscribers benefit from the financing scheme whereby after 10 years payment, the property deeds go to the tenant without needing capital or upfront payments. All the tenants payments are made to the trust escrow account which then reimburses Bishopstrade.

The initiative involves pairing property investment funds with potential home buyers. Natanel Florens targets consumers who are tenants and are able to pay rent but still want to own a roof over their heads. The company, which recently launched its services in the Lagos area, allows renters to lease to own a house, which is bought and paid for by investors and partners.

With this and other initiatives, the firm plans to transform the African property landscape with innovative and affordable solutions as well as serve property owners who want to optimise their returns through its investment products.

Experts and stakeholders in the built environment say this is ideal given the increasing inflation and escalating home prices which have made home purchase extremely difficult for low and middle class households. This is why the initiative from Natanel Florens Limited has received commendation.

According to the firm’s Executive Director, Business Services, Mr. Yinka Daramola, the PPIT is a risk-free, wealth creation, property equity release/property development scheme franchised by Bishopstrade of Mauritius.

This franchise, he further explained, allows property owners to invest and optimise returns by participating in the growing property market across Africa with or without investing cash.

“We will address the lack of supply/market demand for affordable housing. Natanel Folrens has started identifying existing property or landowners who will pledge their property title deeds to a trust created and managed by UBA Trustees Limited and Union Trustees Limited,” Daramola said, adding that owners would continue to receive their income.

He said the trust would pool and collateralise the property or land deeds to secure funding through Bishopstrade and benefit from the trusts profits generated.

He explained that the PPIT franchise is a tested model. “The underlining methodology of using trusts deed to unlock equity value for housing acquisition is fully operational in over 21 states in United States and the concept of paying rent to own a house is also a tested concept.

“Five years technical support from Bishopstrade will ensure smooth implementation of the franchise, particularly as regards development to fit into existing rental rates. It is almost zero risk, safe and protects property owners or investors through the use of trustees. Property legal documents even though transferred to the pool, are in safe custody of the trustees.”

Natanel Florens’ has launched the scheme in several estates in Lagos. The scheme is in its second phase.



Source: The Nation Nigeria

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