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True to its pledge and commitment to the Nigerian viewers, Montage TV offers sound value proposition for Pay TV viewing market in Nigeria leveraging on cutting edge technology built around three core capabilities:

Montage TV is a privately owned Digital Satellite Television Company, that provides credible, quality, alternative family entertainment, lifestyle, movies, sports, inspirational, kiddies’ channels and more for the Nigerian Pay TV viewing market.

i. Quality and Superior Content

ii. Cutting Edge Broadcast and Reception

iii. Respect for our Customers Viewing and Technology Preferences



Montage TV is offering Lagos residents a chance to own a PVR decoder (which in simple language means you can record live TV, save, and replay at a later time)  absolutely free!

This offer is on a first come first serve basis and is subject to availability. However, in this month of Valentine, Montage TV is giving away 100 free PVR decoders to interested TV lovers.

But it gets better: viewers who maintain their subscription for 3 unbroken months, ie, for a full quarter, stand the chance to win the 4th month absolutely free. And if payment is made for 6 months upfront, then the 7th month is absolutely FREE!

And that’s not all: monthly subscription under this offer is N2,500 per month!


Montage TV Channels

Sports News:  A comprehensive Sport channel focused on delivering up-to-date sport news from all over the world. New fixtures, results, and analysis targeting the sports loving audience, the programming comprises professional coverage of sporting events in the ever exciting and entertaining world of sports.

Artmosfair:  Art is the most fair form of Expression ; A Montage bespoke channel. Artmosfair aims to deliver a well-rounded program variety, with documentaries that are set to provide alternative quality factual and family entertainment programming. Artmosfair + is a channel that features a wide variety of Biographies, Biopic and culturally stimulating African movies and series.

Fightbox: Fightbox HD is a unique sports channel dedicated to combat sports from around the world. From MMA to judo and taekwondo, from karate to kickboxing and sumo, Fightbox offers the best selection of martial arts from over 30 different disciplines with HD coverage of popular international competitions and live events.

MTV Base: MTV Base is a 24-hour music and general entertainment channel. The channel focuses primarily on music from the world of R’n’B, hiphop, reggae, soul and urban. MTV Base is a world class music destination.

Sky News: Sky News is a news channel that brings you up-to-the-minute news updates on headlines, analysis and top stories from business, politics, entertainment and more in the UK and worldwide.

Fox Movies: FOX Movies is the movie channel made by one of the world’s favorite movie studios, 20th Century FOX. It is a destination for the entire family to enjoy everything from recent blockbusters to genuine classics starring real icons. Comedy, drama, action, sci-fi, horror and thrillers all are on FOX Movies making it a constellation of everything movie.

African Movie Channel: African Movie Channel (AMC) is a global player in the rapidly expanding African film industry, which is the second largest film industry in the world. African Movie Channel started operations in April 2006, when it launched Europe s first channel dedicated to top quality Nollywood and other African movies.

Amoreyo: Amoreyo is a music television channel for soothing and romantic music. It reveals Love, as seen through the eyes of different cultures, nations and ethnic groups, represented by their music and wisdom. This is music television bearing unique content which conveys positive messages and energy.

Cubayo TV: Cubayo TV is the destination for 24 X 7 Latino music brought to you by the biggest names in the business. From the streets of Havana to the beaches of Miami this channel captivates audiences with its electrifying rhythm and music. Cubayo is a must for all lover of Salsa music and dance, and for the lovers of the beauty and serenity that is found on the beaches of Latin America.

  many more available !

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