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So Fresh Neighbourhood Market, Awolowo Road,  Ikoyi

After just about managing to get a hang of the incredibly awkward numbering of Awolowo Road, I finally found the little shop that is “So Fresh”. Parking proved to be a minor issue as the other shops in the complex were also very busy but luckily we were given lots of help with parking.

I walked in and instantly regretted never having visited before. Full marks for cleanliness, lighting and most importantly AIR CONDITIONING!

I came to discover that “So Fresh” is a mini mart for all things healthy, with an area that prepares fresh juices and salads on the spot, another area to buy fresh fruit and vegetables, and a third for other healthy goods (e.g. low fat cereals).So Fresh Interior

Intrigued, I had a scan of the kinds of things sold at So Fresh ranging from local oranges to blueberries (how exciting!), from quinoa to dried mango. I was very impressed by the variety of products they had.

I was followed politely by a saleswoman who often stopped to ask if I needed any help finding anything in particular.  Thankfully, she knew exactly where the brown rice was when I asked for it.

I was almost sorry I didn’t have any transactional business in the shop but I couldn’t leave So Fresh without getting at least some exotic take-away from the juice/salad bar that was so evidently calling my name.

I got there and was spoilt for choice –‘Did I want kale and avocado juice? Or how about this “Exotic Twist”? Some raisin toppings with that?’”

After a good 3 and a half minutes of deciding, I settled for the watermelon and pineapple juice – refreshing, but not too adventurous.

And so I proceeded to watch as the pineapple and watermelon were cut in front of me on clearly labelled and exceptionally clean surfaces.

The lady who served me asked if I would like it cold and in less than a couple of minutes, I was walking to the cashier to pay for juice.

At the counter I asked how long they had been open because I struggled to see how I could live about half a kilometre away and never have known about this shop that seemed to cater so well to my needs.

“Two years”, I was told, and as I walked out, the door held open for me given my full hands, I knew I had to tell someone about this gem – “Mum, there’s this place and you’re gonna love it.”


[Article is Courtesy of Our Guest Blogger, & All Round Great Girl]

Ore Ogunbiyi

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