Fruit Art – Innovation in Food Presentation

I want to be the next Funke Bucknor!

Fruit art is a form of ‘food art’, were fruits are carved up beautifully for presentation at special events and occasions. It is relatively new to Nigeria, but it has been in existence for centuries. Earliest records indicate that fruit art started about 700 years ago. There are 2 competing origins of fruit art – Thailand, and Japan.  In both countries, fruit carvings were done during festivals and were carried out to impress royalty. Also, some of the early adopters of fruit art, used their impressive skills for religious ceremonies and celebrations.

But like most things religious, and most things Asian, fruit art or fruit carving as it is known in many areas, has crossed into mainstream use. As expected, Lagos is the first stop in Nigeria for this creative expression in food presentation. Typically, we can expect it to get very popular very soon, and the best most creative carvers will win market share!

No, fruit art is not the art of growing beautiful fruits

Fruit art also refers to the carving of vegetables into beautiful artistic creations, and in many instances, fruits and vegetables are combined to deliver exquisite objects, bearing no resemblance whatsoever to the plants from which they are carved.

Now, how does this wonderful concept relate to us Lagosians? In a few days we will be presenting the first in a series of fruit art sessions for interested parties to attend. And the thinking is this – there are many many event planners in Lagos today. All of whom are competing for the same clients. How then do you distinguish one from the other? How does one event planner set herself as different (special) from others?

While it is quite possible to simply contract out the decorations and special effects (fruit art included) to 3rd parties, most clients like to work with creative event planners who can internalise some of their offers. In other words, customers would rather work with event planners who actually have creative skills which can help turn a good occasion into a special one.

Excellent Event Effizi

So, this is for event planners, and would-be event planners. Learn a skill not everyone has. Separate yourself from the crowd. Carve fruits and vegetables. Imagine a client walking into your office and right there and then you carve up a banana while trying to explain your decorations for his event. Actually, it may not be such a good idea to carve up a banana in front of a male client. Maybe a water melon. Your client will be impressed beyond words. That is called “effizi”, and it works wonders.

Effizis don’t come more impressive than fruit art. Maybe ice sculptures, but more on that another time. After we may have entered the era of constant electricity.

Till then, we recommend fruits and vegetables to interested event planners. Food for thought as it can certainly lead to a healthy balance sheet.


Ifeanyi Maduka


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