l Thought He Was A Gentleman- Wife Tells Court

An Agege Customary Court on Thursday dissolved the 24-year-old marriage between Monsurat and her husband, Abubakar Buniamin, over lack of gentleman behavior.

The court’s president, Mr Philip Williams, dissolved the union that was blessed with six children after all efforts to reconcile the couple had failed based on his non gentleman like behavior. The president, Mr Philip Williams said that he had to dissolve the marriage based on irreconcilable differences and ordered that the children should live with their mother – Monsurat.

“The respondent (Abubakar) should be responsible for the children’s education and medical expenses,’’ he said. Williams warned them not to blackmail or threaten each other and to maintain absolute peace. The 44-year–old petitioner, Monsurat, had urged the court to dissolve her marriage to Abubakar, claiming that she no longer enjoyed the union.

“I want a divorce instead of subjecting myself to frustration. “l thought he was a gentleman but he is not. He does not perform his fatherly duties when asked and due. He refused to take care of the children,” she said. The 55-year-old respondent,Abubakar, told the court that his wife was stubborn and he could not control her. “She does not respect me and does whatever she likes,” he said. Abubakar,also a teacher, however, pleaded for reconciliation with his estranged wife, saying that he was still interested in the union.

Source: Vanguard Nigeria

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