House of Rowze

House of Rowze makes hand crafted wire jewelry for weddings, dinners, other casual and corporate occasions.

House of Rowze talks about her business below.

1. A little background about you/the business

I am Mrs. Olugboye Rosemary Odegua, born in the early 80’s to Mr and Mrs Goddy Itua. I had my tertiary education first in School of Health Management, University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital where I graduated with an Upper Credit in Health Information Management. I then proceeded to ESCAE Benin in Porto Novo for a Bachelor’s’ Degree and graduated with a Second Class also in Health Information Management. I am married to Mr. Toba Olugboye and we are blessed with a daughter, Sophia Temiyorisirere Olugboye.

House of Rowze camHouseOfRowzeJewellery2e into existence early 2012 shortly after I completed my training. When we started, the focus was just to craft jewelries and accessories for brides, bridal trains, special occasions and corporate events but as time went on and as the demand increased, we added on few other services including; Bridal and Occasional Makeup, Gele Tying, Facials and Full Body Massage.


2. What was your inspiration?

A friend by the name Toun Alashi nee Ajala was my inspiration. I saw a beautiful piece of jewelry on her (I hadn’t met her before then), approached her and asked where she bought it. She then told me she made it and that was how the House of Rowze story began.


3. What is your Target audience?

For our jewelries,

  • Brides to be and their Bridal Trains;
  • Ladies and women who have an occasion to attend
  • Corporate ladies and women

For our accessories;

  • Mainly brides and their bridal trains

For Makeup and Gele Tying;

  • Brides to be and their bridal trains
  • Ladies and women who have a function to attend

For Facials

  • Every woman.
  • Men who love to take extra care of their facial skin

For Full Body Massage;

  • Every woman. We hope to provide services for the men in the near future.

4. How long has the business been in existence?

About 3 years now.

5. Challenges faced at inception/early period?

  • Finance: I didn’t have much to pump into the business and buy everything I needed so I had to manage the resources I could afford at the time, look for customers to make jewelries for then from my profit, save up for other tools and materials I needed.
  • Secondly it was the distance between my instructor and I. I had to shuttle between Lagos and Ilorin frequently because even though I had completed my first major training, I needed to stay in touch with the fashion trend at the time and since I had found in her a friend and great support system, always churning out ideas, I could not help but go back to her. This was not easy on my marriage cos I was just a new wife but thank God He gave me an understanding and very supportive husband.

6. Challenges still faced?

God has indeed been faithful because he keeps giving me divine ideas when challenges come up.

A major one though is in the area of raw materials; sometimes I want to make a piece of jewelry and the quality of wires, beads, chains, hooks, stoppers, etc, available in the market is such that tarnishes after a while. Many tarnish from the very first day they are put on.

For the House of Rowze productions, We need good quality materials at very affordable prices because the good ones come very costly sometimes and not every client can afford a very expensive piece of jewelry since our target is not only to the rich.

7. What brought about the growth of your business?

  • Customer Relations
  • Marketing
  • In recent times, Proper book keeping

8. Did you seek bank funding? If not, Why not?

I didn’t. My husband was always there to assist me with finances. I felt more comfortable borrowing from him (without interest yippiee) than going to borrow elsewhere. Also, since I was not put under any financial pressure like paying shop bills, electrical bills, etc, I could manage my funds well. Jewelries are crafted at my place and other services are mobile for now.

9. What form of IT do you use in your business?   

I use Microsoft Excel for stock taking and growth measurement, also a whole lot of social media – Facebook, Instagram, BBM, WhatsApp, Twitter and the likes.

10. At what point were you able to separate your personal finances from the business?

Hmmmm… a big struggle I must confess! But I wasn’t seeing commensurate monetary results with the jobs we were getting and this got me worried so I sought financial intelligence from two people I respect a lot… It was just this year that I opened an account for the business and I must say things are looking up. I am trying my best to keep personal financial matters away from business matters.

11. What were your mistakes and what would you have done differently?

My major mistake was not separating personal finance from business finance. If given another opportunity I would get it right from the onset but I am learning now.

12. How long can your business survive without you being there physically (key-man risk)?

For now I need to be on ground as much as possible. I have somebody working with me but because she is in school I need to fill in when she isn’t around.

13. With your experience, what advice do you have for young people who would like to start-up business?

  • I would advise that they think the business through and have a workable plan before starting out.
  • Seek advice from people already in the same line of business as you are about to start. Their wealth of experience will save you from making costly mistakes and you wont have to go through what they went through when they were starting out.
  • Money is NOT everything! You really don’t need to have millions in your account to start a business- start with what you have and please don’t say you have nothing. Once you prayerfully put a plan together, discuss it with it someone you trust, you can speak with your role model. With support from two or three people in your life who believe in your vision, you can begin your business.
Instagram– houseofrowzejewels
Twitter– @hollarowze
Facebook– Rosemary Itua Olugboye
Phone numbers: 07039065662, 08028318336


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