How To Help Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs Improve Memory Skills

How do you as an entrepreneur ensure that the next generation take over from you successfully? How does a family business properly groom the next leaders from within? How do you “keep it in the family?” By simply ensuring that the building blocks for success are put in place early enough. We all agree that the first stage in building tomorrow’s success stories, is in teaching today’s children. In other words, we must try to ensure that our children learn the right things the right way. And this is where we will focus – learning, and of course memory retention.

Working memory is the key to success in learning; studies have revealed that preschoolers who have lower scores on memory tasks are at risk of struggling mentally in school by the age of 12.

According to Science Daily, the study involved the responses of 1,824 children with ages between 2 ½ to 3 ½ years old. The results of the study, which include the results and school-related attitudes, reveal that preschool children who have good retention skills perform better in their high school years and would likely stay and finish their schooling.

“Our results suggest that early individual differences in working-memory may contribute to developmental risk for high school dropout as calculated from student engagement in school, grade point average and whether or not, they previously repeated a year in school,” Caroline Fitzpatrick, a researcher at Concordia’s PERFORM Center and the first author of the study that is published in Intelligence, said.

“Parents can help their children develop strong working mental skills at home, and this can have a positive impact on school performance later in life,” Fitzpatrick concluded.

Parents.com shared the following ways on how to strengthen the memory skills of your children:

1.       Play Memory-Boosting Games

To practice the memory of your children, let them engage in playing memory-boosting games – simple card games where the kids have to remember the sequence of cards shown for instance.   Games like these can aid in boosting their brainpower. Older children should be encouraged to play Chess as this has been proven in several studies to aid retention and overall mental abilities. Simply put, chess makes children smarter!

2.       Let Them Play

A family therapist once said that when the body is moving, it produces a biochemical cocktail that makes the brain learn and enhance the memory. Let children play physical games, run and climb as often and as safely as possible. However, use physical exercise like football for boys as a reward system to ensure a healthy balance between work and play.

3.       Ask Questions

Research shows that discussing some events that include asking questions what, how and why it happens may improve your child’s memory. More importantly, respond to the myriad of questions young children like to ask. Try not to be short tempered or irritated by the barrage of questions you MUST receive in the presence of a youngster. It is all part of the developmental stage and shutting up an inquisitive child can harm his sense of questioning and adventure. Shutting the child up can retard mental development.

4.       Engage in Music

Music is one of the language tools and can be a powerful memory booster. Let your children sing songs and enjoy music. Let them pick up a musical instrument early – the piano especially.

5.       Identify Photos and Events

Let your children recognize the people in family photos. These include grandma and grandpa. Try to ask him too about what made him happy on his last birthday.

6.       Run Errands

Children would appreciate it if you make them your helper. You may ask them the things that you need to buy in the grocery. This can serve as practice for the development of their young minds.

7.       Have a Good Sleep

Toddlers must have 11 to 13 hours of sleep per day, including their ‘power naps’. Sleeping is essential to the health of mind and body.


Source: http://www.parentherald.com

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