‘Improved Power Key To Business Growth’

Stakeholders  have agreed that improved power supply is vital to business growth in Nigeria.

They gathered at a seminar organised by Mantrac Nigeria Limited to inform its customers about Caterpillar products, facilities, product support services, and new product options.

The event, held in Lagos emphasised the growing need for improved power supply in the country. Speaking on “Power to grow your business,” the stakeholders applauded the country’s quest for improved capacity to generate power, maintaining that in the interim, private power solutions remained the most viable option open to business to augment the shortfall in power supply.

The Managing Director of Mantrac Nigeria Limited, Caterpillar’s sole representative in Nigeria, Mr. Edmund Martin-Lawson, said: “The focus of the seminar is to enlighten the business community on the power to do business. Without power we won’t have energy; without energy we can’t produce. We need power everywhere and what we are saying today is that we have the power systems to grow business and move forward.”

He noted that the world was now moving forward so rapidly and hybrid power systems that utilize solar energy and battery are now available to support the power needs of businesses. “Nigeria needs over 20,000 megawatts (Mw) of power but unfortunately what is being generated now is far too low. That is why there is need to bridge the gap between what is available and the power goals the country wants to realize in future,” he said, noting that the available products which meet customer needs ranged from hybrid, fuel to heavy diesel sets.

“Definitely it is important for Nigeria to have power. The country has been growing steadily for some time. If we have increased power supply capacity, the growth rate which is currently in single digits will definitely be in double digit. What that means is that this country and economy definitely need extra power to move industries and businesses forward.

“In the interim, that shortfall will come from power systems providers who have the capacity to provide the needed power equipment that will add more power through the country’s IPP project,” he said.

Caterpillar’s Territory Manager, Stefan Laszenwski who is based in Geneva, Switzerland, assured of his company’s readiness to assist the country with power solution equipment to help in realizing her ever growing power needs. He said the in-thing in the world at the moment was progress, emphasizing that Nigeria needed to move forward and availability of power was key to such forward move.

Laszenwski praised the country’s determined drive towards improved power generation, and noted that the country’s Independent Power Project (IPP) initiative could be enhanced with the latest range of equipment in his company’s stable. He said businesses and local communities could be boosted with products that could power several thousands of homes, islands, marine installations and Central Business Districts (CBDs). The products he said could run on gas, and with improved gas supply in the country, the era of poor power generation might be over soon.

“I believe that what we at Mantrac are bringing in will improve the capacity of most Nigerian companies to do business,” he said. The option of gas-powered generators gives industrial customers up to 70 per cent savings on running cost.




Source: The Nation Nigeria

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