Salon Ivy in The Business of Beauty

Sheri Adole, is the owner and on-ground, hands-on manager of Salon Ivy at Lekki I. Salon Ivy is an exquisitely cosy and comfortable facility that is dedicated to giving the best in beauty services.

According to Sheri, “I have always being fascinated  about the beauty world  and  rejuvenating feel you get when you walk out of a salon looking all decked up”.

Here’s her interview;

Target audience?

Personally, my target audience is any one whose physical appearance is of any importance to them; anyone who is interested in looking better. Not content to be ok, but excellent. And if there’s anything I’ve learnt in this business, it is that we all have the potential to look better.

When was Salon Ivy launched?

Salon Ivy was opened to the public on the 3rd of March 2015. And of course we have had our ups and downs.

What has been your challenges?

I won’t call them challenges; rather, I would say we took the tough route to learn the ropes of the business. But its been well worth it so far!

What I would call challenging now however, is sourcing skilled and qualified hands.  So many workers come through the door with long and elaborate CVs, but when tested, they’re found wanting. They simply do not know what to do.

The reasons for our growth you ask? Prayers! I will also have to say excellent service and customer relations; in that order.

In terms of finance, interestingly, we did not seek bank funding. It wasn’t even an option at that time.

What form of IT do you use in your business?

As for IT, we started out using Salon Focus software, but stopped because of the monthly running cost. It simply did not make economic sense given the size of the business.

But, we are online. We currently use, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram to further our marketing efforts.

However, I manage to separate my personal social media accounts from those of the business. Likewise, I have always separated my personal finances from the business, right from the onset.

Any regrets?

What then were our mistakes, and what would we have done differently?  I won’t call them mistakes, I would say they are the obstacles I had to cross in order to really get to know and understand my business. And so, in terms of delegation and key-man risk, at this moment, I would say the business can go 30days without my direct supervision. That’s a good thing I believe.

Advice for entrepreneur wanna-bes?

For the young people coming into the industry, I would strongly advise them to know and understand the business. Don’t invest and walk away. You must be fully involved, especially in the beginning.

Most importantly, keep learning. There is always something new and of value to discover.

Contact Details:

Salon Ivy
Davida Mall, 31 Admiralty Way Lekki Phase 1
opposite Ebeano Supermarket
08094560534, 012900848
Instagram: Salon ivy Lekki
Facebook: Salon ivy Lekki
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6 years ago

Am Glad to hear she is doing Great !

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