Scholarships For Leadership Training At Kanthari, India; Closing in October

Introducing Kanthari, a noted and accredited training institute, based in Kerala, India, specializing in “leadership for social change”.
Kanthari is offering a 7-month training program in leadership or for applicants with plans for social change. And, the course is accessible to blind candidates, the visually impaired and also for people with physical disabilities.

About Kanthari

Kanthari has so far set up more than 100 social initiatives since 2009 when the program was first launched. These projects are currently running in different parts of the world, with all of them impacting their environment, peers and community positively.


We see a world transformed by ethical visionaries and spiced with integrity, equality and empathy.


We catalyse visionaries from the margins to realize sustainable social change, by providing tailored leadership training.

The application requirements for the Kanthari program are:

  1. Applicants should be 22 years of age or older and must bring
  2. A plan to create an impactful social project/venture or initiative, have
  3. Intermediary English skills (reading, writing and speaking) and
  4. Basic knowledge of how to use a computer

The course

The leadership program is specifically designed for those visionaries who have overcome adversity and are ready to push for social change built on ethics. The ‘catalysts’, who are international experts work with Kanthari to conduct workshops during the program.

Kanthari encourages the participation of students from around the world from different ethnic backgrounds, and different educational  backgrounds. The program is open to university graduates as well as to applicants with no more than a dream and a will to impact their communities.

Importantly, the program is officially recognised as a vocational training institute. The  National Quality Council, a member-body of the National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET) has accredited the course. To learn more about the course and commence the application process, please visit their website.

The next Kanthari course will begin in May 2017. But, the deadline for registration closes on the 31st of october, 2016. It is instructive to note that several Nigerians have availed themselves this training opportunity. And, they are now living out their dreams as a result.

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