Kentucky Fried Chicken – Finger Lickin’ But Not So Good

Everybody knows that black people love fast food & all kinds of chicken. Fry it, bake it, roast it, even burn it – as far as its chicken, we are buying.

As a much younger girl born to a nutrition loving and strict mother, going to Mr Biggs was the ultimate dream. Myself and my siblings would beg and grovel just to have a taste of “fast food” which was a luxury to us.

I’m much older now and i have attained some level of independence, at least enough to afford my own fast food. This freedom was intoxicating and i decided to forsake real food for once and search for my fast food experience.

This led me to trying the Kentucky Fried Chicken known to most people as KFC just around the corner from my office.

Walking to the joint, i immediately noticed that the car park was a bit funny looking. The walls were stained with smoke from the generator which made it very unappealing. I walked in and there was no doorman, so I was left to shoulder the heavy door on my own. Not easily fazed when on a mission, i dutifully ignored all these and went right in.

I was waiting to feel the relief from the strong gust of cold air that would waft from the air conditioner when i walked in but… nothing. The temperature inside was just a tad bit cooler than the temperature outside. I approached the counter and there was nobody there, so i called out and i heard a lot of shouting and blaming and eventually a person emerged.

I placed my order and more shouting went on, it all felt more than a little disorganized. After a while, my order was filled and with the ambiance not so inviting, i took my order to go. Back in my office, with the first bite of my KFC chicken, all was forgotten. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the best chicken i ever had but it was certainly up there as far as fast food chicken goes. Plus its in my nature, i just love chicken!

Original Content – Sola Oyero

Learning Points:

KFC on Ligali Ayorinde needs to be totally revamped! It is one of the dullest KFC outlets i have ever seen, no spark or sizzle. Also, Air conditioners are a must especially for a fast food joint. You need people to feel comfortable in your space and that also encourages the customers to purchase more while relaxing.  And what was all the shouting about?

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