10 Must-See Lagos Attractions – Contd

Ekoconnect.net 10 Must-See Lagos Attractions - Contd

Picking up from where we left off yesterday, we asked you to share some of your interesting attractions to visit in Lagos and these are some of the favourites:

4. Lagos Boat Regatta

The Lagos State water regatta is a cultural sporting and recreational activity put together to showcase the best water display of culture, tradition and aquatic splendour.

RegattaThe fiesta features a parade of decorated floats on the creeks around Ikoyi and Victoria Island with the parade consisting of large fishing boats, ferries, barges and other marine vessels depicting social cultural tradition, folklore and occupation of the people of Lagos.


While the adults are engaged with the boating displays, the kids are equally entertained with lots of fun activities to keep them excited including a kiddies Fun Park with a variety of things to eat and drink


5. Freedom Park

The new Freedom Park Lagos was formerly Old Broad Street Prison; a colonial instrument of control and oppression. is now a peaceful place for individual and collective contemplation and interaction.Freedom Park Lagos, was reconstructed to preserve the history and cultural heritage of the Nigerian People.

The park is a Nfreedom-park-monument2ational Memorial, a Historical landmark, a Cultural site & an Arts and Recreation centre.  The project was commemorated on the 50th anniversary independence celebration in October, 2010 in remembrance of the Nation’s foremost fathers for their patriotism which ultimately led to the Nation’s Independence from colonial masters.

It offers a wide range of activities and attractions for historians yearning to learn a part of Nigeria’s rich culture and fun lovers. Freedom Park Lagos boasts of an open Air Stage, Pergola Cell (internet booths), Skeletal Cells,Food Court,Ponds and Fountains, Museum Complex, Historical displays, Souvenir shops, Court yard, Wole Soyinka Art Gallery among others to ensure visitors a good time.

6. Ajose Adeogun At Christmas

The foremost Ajose Adeoguncommercial bank in Nigeria, Zenith Bank seems to have claimed exclusive rights in bringing world class decorations and lights to Ajose Adeogun in Victoria Island. Every year Zenith’s decorations on Ajose Adeogun road gets better and better.

Lagosians flock to Ajose Adeogun to see the attractions causing human traffic jams – people taking photos and generally having a jolly good time. The round-about also features rides for kids turning it into a mini-amusement park at night.

With the number of people reveling in the beauty that the street affords, it is could easily pose a security threat. Zenith bank in their usual pro-active manner, provided security for everyone to feel comfortable while having fun.

Last instalment comes up tomorrow.

We look forward to your viewership.

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