What God has Joined Together, Lagos Land Can Put Asunder

A former Governor of Lagos State once declared that ‘land’ was the oil of Lagos. In other words, the oil that the South South people of Nigeria depend on so heavily for their livelihood and sense of importance in the Nigerian polity, was perfectly rivalled by the high value placed on Lagos land.

Florence Njideka burns hot over lagos land - ekoconnect.net
Florence Njideka Chukwuma

And so it was a few days ago that a Lagos based Nnewi woman, married to her husband also from Nnewi for 18 years, doused said husband with petrol and attempted to set him on fire. But as it has been said too often, “cunnin’ man die cunnin’ man bury am”. Mr. husband saw the impending danger and promptly took to his heels, scaling walls and fences and getting several injuries, but ultimately avoiding a hot date with death in the process.

After reporting the matter to the police, it was discovered that the couple had had a heated argument over landed property. This culminated in the husband’s version of events, which was that his inflamed wife tried to set him alight concerning the property matter.

Eighteen years of marriage, presumably with grown up children, and Lagos land can still bring a couple to this sort of fiery impasse. Where we might ask is the love? The patience, the understanding? Well, when we consider that a plot of Lagos land in highbrow areas of Lagos such as Lekki, Ikoyi, Ikeja GRA, Surulere and the likes cost more than most Lagosians will see or earn in several lifetimes, it is easy to understand why the burning desire for land acquisition and ownership.

In the final analysis, we have to point our torches at the state of the economy. Desperation is now the order of the day in Lagos as people struggle endlessly for a living. The tag team of torture known individually as fuel scarcity and PHCN, in whatever guise – Eko Disco, Ikeja Disco – are causing untold hardship on Lagosians, and making otherwise rational people behave irrationally.

Then there’s the blazing sun. Lagos sun and humidity currently look set to end as many lives as the champion killer of Lagosians at the moment – Okadas.

With all of these horrors to contend with on a daily basis, how then will choice Lagos land or landed property not fire up a persons’ capacity for evil all in a bid to sustain body and soul?

It is our collective prayer that we are able to douse the tension and hardship in Lagos soon, else stories like these will become all too common, leaving but ashes of despair in our beloved city.

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