Lagos Mobile Courts for Traffic Offenders

Worried by the level of impunity and recklessness on roads across Lagos metropolis, the Chief Executive Officer of Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), Chris Olakpe has disclosed that Lagos mobile courts will be set up to punish traffic offenders and strengthen traffic regulation in the state.

Mr. Olakpe says the government is planning to recruit, at least 1,300 persons into the workforce of the agency to bridge the challenge of inadequate manpower limiting the activities of the organisation.

He said the body has also launched a special Provost Marshal Corps, which would monitor the excesses of men of the agency as part of determination to give a face-lift to the organistion.

 According to him, the administration is working on a more intelligent, disciplined, pragmatic and purposeful LASTMA, which will not only monitor traffic but police the road.
“We are asking the government to establish a mobile court to try erring drivers and ensure that they bear the consequence of driving against traffic or causing obstruction or using the BRT lanes.
Rejoinder: while this is a most laudable idea, one of the biggest threats to the successful launch and operation of the project is the possible abuse by operators. A situation where special marshals, agents and the mobile court officers collude and take advantage of road users is quite feasible.
Unfortunately, where this happens, it becomes even more difficult to appeal as several layers of the law may be involved in the set up.
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