Lagosians, Let’s Conserve Energy

The Lagos State Government has called on residents to cultivate the habit of conserving energy to promote energy efficiency.

The General Manager, Lagos State Electricity Board (LSEB), Peter Okonji, who stated this at a conference organised by the Power Sector Group of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), said there was need for energy conservation in the country.

He said electrical appliances are supposed to be switched off when not in use, but regretted that Nigerians do not switch off their bulbs after business hours.

“If we conserve energy, we will reduce the demand of energy and have higher voltage of energy for other purposes. The available power is not enough for all Nigerians if we switch on all our bulbs. So it is important to practice power conservation. For every watt that is wasted, it is money we are wasting.”

He said Lagos is a 24-hour commercial centre, but darkness has forced businesses and other activities to close early due to insecurity which darkness conveys. He said: “Captive power has helped to power Lagos State facilities and we opted out of the national grid so that there will be enough power for the rest of the citizens in Lagos State. Constantly powered economy will provide efficiency and stimulate productivity.

“Power demand for Lagos State is 10,000Mw after our last audit in June. The national grid can only transmit about 10 per cent of what we required. However, our five Independent Power Plants (IPPs) which include Akute IPP, Island Power, Mainland Power, Alausa Power and Lekki Peninsula IPP, are together generating 47.5MW to power government facilities like water corporations, general hospitals, the secretariat and state High Courts,” he said.

The President of LCCI, Remi Bello said the theme: “Embedded power generation and the economy” of the event  was germane at this critical stage of the economy, knowing that the increased  power generation and distribution play a significant  role in the development of our economy.

“The economy can truly be an investors’ haven if the issues around the power sector are holistically addressed. We expect to see government provide an enabling environment for private sector investment in the embedded power generation sector,” he said.

According to the rules by Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), embedded power regulation allows an independent power producer to embed power within the network of the local distribution company without going through the trouble of connecting to the transmission line, he added.


Source: Emeka Ugwuanyi, The Nation.

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