Laviva Hair & Beauty Store is Simply Lovable


Despite the stamp of quality from various Natural weave vendors, I have experienced bad hair days. In some cases looking like the mad woman who just escaped from Aro. Complete with spongy and unkempt hair sticking out in odd places. I had tried different brands and makes, but they made little or no difference. Then one sunny day, I came across LAVIVA hair and beauty store totally by chance. And I silently hoped and prayed that I had reached my last “hair stop”.

The store is on the first floor of Prime shopping plaza with the exterior of the store quite plain-looking. But, my enthusiasm for something different spurred me on. Since I went during the day, and as a young working girl, there was no question of parking space. It was a little difficult locating the stairs leading to the first floor. But once I did, locating the store was very easy.

On getting to the store, I was a bit disappointed that there was no one to meet me and welcome me in. I stood in what I suppose was the “foyer” (only in Nigeria) for almost five minutes thinking I was the only one in it. The open space was nicely air-conditioned, and it was a respite from the blazing sun.

Just in time

As I turned to leave, a smaller door opened and an attendant came out to usher me into the main store. Once there, a bevy of overly enthusiastic ladies welcomed me warmly. They all wanted to know what I was interested in – all at the same time. The inside of the main store was very well organized and products were displayed in nice transparent glasses, so the customer didn’t have to play guessing games.

I noticed I was the only customer around so that was probably the reason they all directed their attention toward me. But hey, I would be lying if I said I didn’t love the attention?

My intention was to get information and have an idea of the price list. And I promptly told them as much, so as not to get any their hopes up. I expected at least one of the women to grow cold or become rude like most stores I have been to, seeing as I was not buying anything. But, their smiles were fixed in place.

Excellent finish

I focused on one person to direct my questions to, and she was very warm and detailed in explaining their array of products. I even got samples.  It turned out she was the manager.

I was given a complimentary card if I had any further questions, and she took y card in exchange.

To say I was impressed at how professional and warm they all were, would be an understatement. I made new friends on that day and I would definitely go back. I may just have found my hair place.

You have to love the lovely Laviva, and so it’s a well-earned 8/10 from me.

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